Lockable Metal Cash Box with 2 Keys - 6 Inch (15cm)

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  • Made from solid steel to ensure ongoing safety and protection
  • Can be used anywhere; in the home, office, market stall, school etc.
  • Delivered with stainless steel carry handle for ease of transport
  • 6 coin sections can be found in the removable tray
  • Order comes with an extra key for back-up

Delivery Information


Lockable Metal Cash Box with 2 Keys - 6 Inch (15cm)

Keep all your coins, cash and receipts secure at all times with this 6 inch Metal Cash Box. It has been constructed from steel to ensure the box remains protected and the contents are always safe. The compact 6” size makes it easy to store away in a safe, or out of sight, so you have peace of mind when you are not around.

The flexibility of the box means it can be used almost anywhere you need. Use it at home to stash away any larger bundles of notes or spare coins, use it in the office to hold petty cash for small purchases, rely on it to manage money at a market stall while keeping the contents safe, and it can also be used in schools and many other types of environments.

When you open the Metal Cash Box you will find 6 coin sections inside the removable tray. You can mix together 1 and 2p coins, while separating the rest into their own section. It also comes with not one, but two keys, so you can keep a spare somewhere safe, or hand it to someone else who requires access to the box.

The Metal Cash Box has been manufactured for years of rugged use, ensuring you get value for money. If you need to move it to another location, simply use the stainless steel carry handle with minimum fuss. When you want to keep small, valuable items secure, this offers the perfect solution.


  • 150mm x 118mm x 80mm

Item Specifics

TypeCash Box; Portable Lock Box;
Lock MechanismKey
Lock TypeKey
MaterialMetal; Steel; Power Coating
FeaturesPortable; Handle; Money Shelf; Removable Tray; Solid Steel; Back-up Key
Bundle DescriptionNo
Custom BundleNo
SizeSmall; 150mm x 118mm x 80mm
Suitable ForHome; Office; Petty Cash; Money; Receipts
Number of Keys2
Fixture TypeSurface Mounted

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