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Hand Truck Trolley Stair Climber 150kg

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SKU HT-062

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Product Features
  • Move heavy items up and downstairs with ease
  • Can carry a load of up to 150kg
  • Unique tri-wheel design makes for efficient movement
  • Slide down the top frame to ensure storage efficiency
  • Perfect for use for a range of activities

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One of the frustrating aspects of trying to move large items or packages onto another floor in a building without a lift is trying to navigate the stairs. Traditional trolleys are only designed for ground floor use, but thankfully this Hand Truck Trolley Stair Climber is the answer. It means no more struggling up and downstairs, while the item will also remain safely intact.

This is an essential purchase for anyone who regularly needs to move bulky, heavy items up and down flights of stairs. It can hold weight of up to 150kg and features a unique 3 wheel design that makes it far easier to move over stairs, curbs and any other obstacles that make life difficult. Two smaller wheels also feature on the vertical handle, which can be lowered for use at ground level on uneven surfaces.

The top frame of this Hand Truck Trolley Stair Climber slides down into the bottom when not in use, to minimise the storage space. This is important for those who need to make the most of the room they have available. It can lift a wide range of items easily and safely, ensuring not only the item remains secure, but the person using the climber can get the job done efficiently.

Whether you are moving house or delivering items, this Hand Truck Trolley Stair Climber should be the go-to solution. And it’s not just stairs it makes easy work of. Street curbs can also be problematic when loading and unloading, but the unique tri-wheel design means you expel far less energy. To save your back and money, this is an investment you won’t regret.

Item Specifics

RoomOffices; Home; Warehouse
Suitable ForWarehouse; Industrial; Retail; Transporting
TypeStair Climber

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