Winter Home Decoration for a Seasonal Update

Winter Home Decoration for a Seasonal Update

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A winter home decoration is not just about getting into the nativity cheer but also bracing it for the cold.

Winter is often associated with the holiday season, and Christmas takes up a lot of air space. But behind the festivities it brings, the mercury drops, and the wind begins to whistle.

Leaving the comforts of your home becomes far from easy - and it’s the closest thing you can get to hibernating. So, when revamping your home interior this time of year, fill it with both cosy and festive feels in mind.

Keeping Your Home Warm

A cosy fireplace set in rustic stone

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The days are shorter, and the chilly weather creeps in. It’s a luxury to rest safe in the knowledge that you have a cocooning space to return and shut the cold behind.

But if that’s not the case, it’s never too late to transform your interior into the ultimate winter escape. Remember, a warm home in winter is key to rekindling your holiday spirit.

The first thing on your agenda is to put up your indoor heating system. The right heater helps bring out the cosy warmth to any room in your home.

Take this electric stove heater, for example. It gives you the warm feel of a classic stove without fire dangers.

What’s more, it looks like a traditional stove with a cast-iron exterior and a log fireplace LED. It creates an inviting focal point, making it a perfect winter home decoration.

Another way to keep a homelike interior in winter is by using heavy curtains on windows. Invest in heavy drapes to keep the warmth from escaping.

At the same time, open the blinds during the day to let natural heat through. Capitalise on all this free energy, and then shut them when the sun sets - you already know why!

Repositioning your furniture also works wonders. Understand how heat moves around your house, and the logic here is simple.

You’ll feel snug if you position yourself and the furniture near warmer areas of the home. Consider placing your go-to armchair or couch near the fireplace or a spot with enough sun heat.

This next approach requires a bit of your DIY skills, and that is to seal the gaps in your windows and door frames. Unsealed cracks can account for approximately 15-25% of heat loss.

These let unwanted cool air enter your home, and any attempts to heat it will only slip through the gaps. But by sealing them, you’ll keep nasty drafts at bay and lock in the warmth.

Although these are far from a winter home decoration, they’re little ways to warm up at a low cost.

Winter Home Decoration

A rustic room with white plaster, a traditional fireplace and lots of firewood

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There’s more to winter decorating than pulling a heater out of the cupboard. This seasonal change helps make your home a more welcoming place.

The key is to introduce cosy layers and textiles, and warm hues. These interior ingredients will help generate a toastier ambience in style.

Layer upon layer

Layer up. Tactile textures like bouclé on cushions and throws can emit a hygge sense in an instant.

Bouclé is a heavy fabric made from a looped yard with a nubby feeling. It’s somewhere between the softness of sherpa fleece and the natural texture of marled linen.

Layering with linen will also give you that luxurious feel. This is especially true when contrasted with a velvet cushion or a woolly knitted throw.

What works in the living room can be adapted to the bedroom and other rooms, too. So mix and match cushions and throws to extend the comforts.

Pile them on every soft surface so they can nestle into and are always within reach. For a hint of drama, fit in furs, sherpa and sheepskin.

For instance, lay a faux or genuine sheepskin on the foot of your bed. Or drape a creamy lamb hide over an armchair to transform the room into a relaxing winter haven.

Raw materials

Keep things neutral and pull in a lot of natural elements for texture and warmth. Simple details like dried greenery or ornaments just in time for Christmas.

Timber is indispensable, as it can transform a sterile room into a cosy cabin-like cocoon. Put up a few touches of wood in the interior for a holiday retreat vibe.

Birch bark and wood, for one. Winter is a very textual season, and bark-covered decors can be reminiscent of a snow day outdoors.

Another reminder of the bare trees outside is twigs and branches. Throw in a few pine cones, and you’ve got the perfect winter vignette.

Winter palette

Now, for the warm tones. A palette of warm whites, beige, and sun-drenched hues is your best bet.

Blend in earthy colours for that added warm glow. This will make your home feel like it’s being hit with a dainty Mediterranean evening sun!

Or opt for light blue and bright silver to fit the cold season. The goal should be to reflect or complement how the outside world looks indoors.

Any accent colours you include will also make a powerful visual impact. This includes green, red, and gold - a.k.a. the colour of Christmas.

Layering rugs

Opt for rugs made of woollen or soft shaggy fabrics in winter so that you can stay barefoot. Such a fabric piece layered up on the flooring offers extra insulation.

Drape them on the wall to make the interior a 3D comfort experience.


Get Into the Holiday Spirit


An open book, festive winter decorations, hot mug and christmas tree beside a window

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Celebrating doesn’t have to stop if you’re staying home for the holidays. Keep your traditions alive and decorate to bring Christmas cheer to your abode.

Get the tree up ASAP. Take down those boxes of lights and ornaments from the attic.

Invite the whole family and spend a few hours de-stressing by decking the halls. This moment alone will start making your space feel more festive.

Keep holiday garlands out in the living room by the mantel or wrap them on the stairs. Display firewood for a chic display and easy access for warming up the fireplace.

Splice in winter candles for an understated winter wonderland effect. Instead of the classic white option, go for light blue candlesticks. The colour plays up the wintery look and feels timeless.

Take greenery to centre stage and spruce up with planters. Incorporate moss, princess pine, and berries into your holiday entryway setup. 

These Christmas plant ideas can give you an idea for your next container garden display. Alternatively, hang some eucalyptus or wreaths by the entryway for a soothing welcome.

Don’t forget to highlight the fireplace! The hearth is the central gathering place during the holidays, after all.

Have a few extra ornaments that won’t fit on your tree? Scatter bulbous accents on the mantel to create some cohesion.

Besides the garlands, a magnolia is always a good idea. Experiment with various textures as well, such as fruits and pine cones or Christmas figures. 

Stylish stockings and bows also strike a happy medium for a minimalist setup.


Wintertime means more time spent indoors, so make house decor as homey as possible. With the right winter home decoration ideas, you can tap into the season feeling cosy and merry.

Start taking down the fall decor after Thanksgiving. When December rolls around, this post can make your home a winter wonderland in no time!

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