10 Tips For Feeding Birds In Winter

10 Tips For Feeding Birds In Winter

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If you’re a nature lover and you’re looking for a way to keep the birds in your garden fed this coming winter, then we have you covered. We have some great tips for you on how to best feed the birds! Grab your comfy chair, head off to your shed and get comfy!


Twice - Try and feed them twice, preferably in the early morning and then later afternoon since their food sources are few and far between.


High energy - In the winter, birds need high-fat foods, so high-quality scraps and food are best!


Cheese - Cheese is a great source of high-fat foods for birds, they’re a fantastic choice!


Fruit - Chops fruits into small chunks for birds to eat, this is a great source of energy for birds.

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Peanut butter - is a high-calorie food that is loved by lots of different birds. However, it must be unsalted as salt can harm the birds.


Table scraps - As these are unappealing to birds and are more likely to encourage rats to your bird feeder. 


Spoiled birdseed - Be sure to only put dry and fresh seed, if it is spoiled or wet to the touch it should be discarded.


Meat - Meats will just attract rats to the bird feeder rather than birds, keep this away!


Bread - Although people often feed bread to the birds, it actually offers very little to birds and can often get stuck in their throats.


Milk - Anything with milk in for birds can cause sickness, stick to bird-friendly foods!


Those are all of our handy tips and tricks to help out your birds this winter! Happy gardening!

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