How to Study in Your Garden

How to Study in Your Garden

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Studying - the same goes for working - at home is good until you deal with ‘household distractions’. A change of scenery sounds like a plan, and outdoor spaces come into your mind. But commuting takes its toll. Where to now? To the garden, my friend.

Outdoor Learning Environment

A woman teaching children while on a blanket outdoors

(Image Credit: Pexels)

Learning is no longer confined to classrooms. With remote education becoming a norm, this changed the structures for study spaces. Be it for school or at-home self-study. In the case of the latter, a secluded physical place is essential.

For that, you have two options: 1.) be in contact with nature and get productive in your private garden, or 2.) invest in a garden room and turn it into your experimental study space - still, you’re outdoors.

One or the other, we’ll give you ideas on how you can transform your green space into the ideal outdoor learning nook. 

Take over the patio

A woman sipping a cup of coffee while working in the patio

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Your patio makes a great makeshift study area, providing a view of your beautiful garden. If you own a patio set, such as a table and chairs, then you already have a place to sit and set up your books and laptop. This can even allow for study groups or small meetings at the same time.

You may also bring your things to the porch swing and lounge while working on paper. Giving you a more relaxed feel, a simple lap desk or a bed tray will do for your iPad or laptop. No more hunching over to type!

Now, assuming a patio ledge is all you have to work with. You can extend your physical space with a folding deck table hanging on the ledge or railing. This gives you a convenient work surface without taking up too much space

Alternatively, make use of your existing bench as the table and toss a floor cushion to the floor to sit.

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Work near a landscape water feature

Round landscape water pound surrounded by Adirondack chairs

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Water has incredible healing power, soothing the soul and fostering relaxation. The relaxing lull of flowing water, such as a small pond, can help to calm and focus the mind. Thus, working in a private garden with running water is a smart move, as it can be very therapeutic.

Moreover, a water feature also masks nearby noise pollution. This is a big plus when working in outdoor environments.

And while you’re on a quick break, you watch with wonder while a tiny creature hops closer to the flowing water. Fascinated, you look forward to seeing your feathered friends visit your study retreat.

Yet another few benefits of nature brings when working in the garden!

Tree shade escape

Garden tree shade

(Image Credit: Pixnio)

When talking about shade in the garden, trees are paramount. If your green space has an existing tree, it’ll be your best bet for shade without adding costs to your project. Trees are also favourable to children, where a treehouse can be set up and doubles as their study room.

Not only will it provide protection from harsh UV rays, but also healthy air quality. Remember, the better the air, the more significant the impact is on your work performance. Well-done job satisfaction and momentum you have there! 

For fast-growing shade trees, consider River Birch or Red Maple. They can produce ample shade even after a few years of growth. 

Let the garden furniture do the work

A person doing their laptop work by the poolside

(Image Credit: Pexels)

A stunning garden isn’t complete without outdoor furniture. Such pieces can serve as a good extension of the indoor living space. The right set also can make studying in outdoor spaces more exciting!

It can be uncomfortable to sit in a study or an office chair for the whole day. Shifting to the living room sofa can make it difficult to stay on task, especially when Netflix is on the TV.

You’re fortunate if you have other furniture to take advantage of, such as in the patio, garden, or poolside. You can ditch the one from your room, change the scenery into a green space, and be more relaxed.

You can even find practical and functional pieces that can double the comfort. Pair your sun lounger with a parasol, for instance. Set them by the pool and soak up the sights: a sparkling-blue pool and the clear sky. The view alone can inspire you while reaping the benefits of nature: fresh air and sunshine.

So try taking your (or your kids’) schoolwork to the pool and maybe even dipping your toes in!

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Invest in a garden room 

Garden rooms are a game-changer in home improvement. Not only that, but they can also be life changers when it comes to outdoor learning.

Studying in a garden room makes an excellent additional learning environment. Be it in a shed, log cabin or a summer house, it separates you from home. At the same time, it can give you more privacy than a living space extension would.

Whether you invest in one or build it yourself, the blank canvas lets you create a retreat for anything. A multi-functional garden room, for one, can provide a versatile space for the whole family. It can be an outdoor learning workspace for kids, a play area after hours, and a family chill-out zone at night. It can cater for all needs.

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Things to Consider

An outdoor learning environment requires attention to detail to get it right. As you have to be in contact with nature, you need to blend everything perfectly. Here are some tips and considerations to help you finalise your study space in the garden:

Choose a favourable location

If you plan to install or build a garden room project, always consider the outdoor space you have.

Suppose you live in a high-rise apartment; your option is only limited to a veranda or balcony. Thus, an outbuilding is off the menu, but you can rely on space-saving garden furniture. 

But if you have a back garden, you can explore more location choices. As mentioned, under a tree is ideal, but you can also have a separate building, like a garden room.

Ideally, you’ll want a spot with natural shade. If there’s no chance for a tree, a shade umbrella will do the trick against the UV rays. NOTE: Speaking of the sun, the glare can make it almost impossible to see your laptop, tablet or phone screen. Consider investing in a laptop sunshade for less squinting.

Mind the weather 

Understand the weather conditions in your region to maximise your time outdoors. If you live in the tropics, an uncovered patio might not be a good place to study. But an insulated garden room has never been better. 

For the patio, get a protective covering that can also keep the rain away and a net to keep insects at bay. You’ll also need a fan for those super hot days if you study/work in an open space. Plus, an outdoor mini fridge or cooler for easy access to cold beverages. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

When working during the cold seasons, a heating device (e.g. a fire pit/chiminea) will be your best companion. One should provide enough warmth to keep you going despite the chill.

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Set up a lighting source

Natural light works during the day, even if your outdoor learning space is in the shade. But when the sun sets, the perfect lighting source can cover your lighting needs. 

Hang string or solar-powered lights with warm and cold lights to fit several moods. LED lighting will also help brighten and provide illumination to your garden.

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More outdoor add-ons

Don’t deplete your battery, and make sure you have a powerstrip long enough to reach your workspace. Or find a spot with access to outlets for all your devices.

And how’s your Internet connectivity going? Does the WiFi span well to the garden? If not, use a portable router to extend the internet connection around the house. Even if you don’t need it, keep it within reach - you’ll never know! 


Whether it’s for you or your kids, assembling an outdoor learning space can be overwhelming. If you’re doing this for the first time, keeping it simple is key - and have a plan.

Start with choosing a location with enough shade, lighting and less noise. Next, invest in functional garden furniture for long-term use. You can also never go wrong with a natural approach, such as taking advantage of your garden tree! Investing in a garden room is also worthwhile, providing you with privacy and curb appeal.

Some of the add-ons mentioned can also be finishing touches to your workspace. This includes making sure your internet is available at all times. They’re all guaranteed to make a huge difference to your outdoor learning experience.

Once everything is set, you’ll marvel at the improvements to your productivity!

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