How to Host a New Year’s Garden Party

How to Host a New Year’s Garden Party

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Pull off a memorable New Year’s backyard bash with these garden party tips!


It turns out gardens and outdoor spaces aren’t only popular during the warmer weather. Despite the cold British weather, many still are partying their way into the New Year out and about.


And what better time to tick off one of your year-end goals than now? Be the host of such a celebratory event instead of turning up as a guest.


Follow these garden party tips for a less stressful and pro-like experience! Ready to welcome the new year in true seasonal style?


Plan ahead

New Year's party hat

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When it comes to garden party planning, whatever the season is, planning in advance is key.


Considering it’s a New Year’s Eve outdoor event, think of the cold weather. In your invites, remind your family and friends to dress warmly and comfortably. You also need to do your part by making sure the space they’ll be in is cosy enough for longer stays.


Equip your intimate garden setting with a patio heater or fire pit. Either of the two can provide that much-needed warmth and make the space more inviting and cosier. For the heater, opt for a freestanding unit, as it generates enough heat without taking up too much space.


If you’re going for a fire pit, consider this 4-in-1 Fire Pit, Table, BBQ & Ice Cooler. As the name suggests, it offers a wide range of ways to use it. You and the guests can enjoy the fire, grill some BBQ, even chill drinks, or use it as a regular side table. A must-have for outdoor parties!


Also, ensure you prepare food in advance to avoid missing out!


Set a theme

A man pouring a tea

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The theme is a huge part of every garden party planning. It’s also the most entertaining part of the night, where everyone is dressed up and enjoying the role play. The right motif will also help you come up with what decorations to put up in the garden and set the mood.


An ‘out with the old and in with the new’ garden party theme, for instance. This will get the guests into the party mood and, at the same time, welcome them to a fresh start. It’s up to them what playful outfit to wear, but encourage them to be creative - a special prize awaits the best dressed!


As for decorating the back garden, incorporate old-to-new pieces. Let your creative juices flow and take pleasure in upcycled and antique with a touch of modern items.


Extend the space

Giant marquee in the garden

(Image Credit: Flickr)


To avoid having a crowded house, patio or garden, pop up a gazebo outside. A place where guests can make the most out of the glamourous night while dancing under the fairy lights.


And while you can’t always accurately predict the weather, you can assume there’ll be a wintery chill. Keep everyone cosy with blankets and comfy cushions on every outdoor furniture piece. Floor cushions also work wonders on decking or surrounding the fire pit.


Extra chairs always come in handy; make sure you have spares, so you have enough places for everybody to sit down. The same goes for tables - prepare an extra dining table.


Top tip: If the space allows, create a designated area for games, eating, and dancing.


Lift the mood with lighting


No stars in sight in the sky garden? Although solar lights won’t cut it this time of year, a patio heater and/or fire pit can double up as outdoor lighting. But if you want a starry night sky garden and light up the whole area, go for battery-operated string lights.


Have a look at the Edison Bulb String Lights!

Edison Bulb String Lights

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They can go around the garden attached to the fencing or gazebo, even overhead, in a decked covered patio. The warm glow adds a whole new dimension and illuminates the space with stunning views. It’s battery-operated and incredibly easy to use, as no installation is required.


If you haven’t put down the holiday bling, why not use some Christmas lights? Perfect for the time of year, they’re readily available and bright and cheerful!


Fire up the grill


A barbecue in winter? Why not? BBQs, after all, in every NYE roof garden party are a staple.


After feeding your guests with a 4-course menu (wow!), keep them fed and warm with grilled foods. Go extra with the recipes. Instead of burgers, grill garlic mushroom skewers and chilli lime butter corn on the cob.


Firing up the fill can also generate some extra heat around the NYE roof garden, too. And for the best experience, you’ll want to have a quality BBQ as your cooking companion.


If you’re looking for a charcoal grill, check out this Texas Charcoal Smoker BBQ.

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Or if you’re considering getting a gas unit, you can never go wrong with the Matrix 3 Burner Gas BBQ.


Made from strong stainless steel and finished in a cool matte black. The unit also has 4 independently controlled gas burners and an in-built thermometer.


Don't settle for cooking just one thing at a time. Use the three burners and the independent side burner of the Matrix for cooking up a feast all at the same time!


Keep things tidy


Keep your home and outdoor space tidy, but don’t clean up throughout the party. To ensure everything is in place, do some cleaning in advance.


You may also encourage everybody to clean after themselves. You can do this by placing bin bags on sight, in the garden or rooftop. This will save you a lot of time the following day!


But really, you have the next day to tidy up everything. Instead, enjoy your guests’ company.


Lay the artificial grass

Artificial lawn close up

(Image Credit: Flickr)


Artificial grass is low maintenance and looks perfect all year round. In outdoor spaces, it’s easy to clean if anybody spills a drink on it.


Even better, when a sudden NYE rain occurs, it doesn’t become muddy or patchy. This also means you won’t have to worry about mud being trailed through your home.


And when midnight hits, don’t light fireworks on your faux grass. Even though it won’t catch fire, any sparks will be hot and smoulder the fibres on the lawn. Surely enough, the night sky garden will light up to its fullest.


Top tip: Sparkles are a fun and inexpensive alternative to fireworks. They also pair well with a champagne toast!


Have a party game handy


Instead of traditional card games, get the party going with good, ol’ fashioned board games. If you’re looking to have some silly fun, pick up a copy of Curses, for instance.


It’s a board game where you have to perform tasks with various curses placed upon the player. This includes talking like you have a golf ball in your mouth or naming a food anytime someone laughs. Anyone who breaks one of the curses or fails to do it, gets a strike.


You may also try a printable challenge like the “Drink If” game. You can download a PDF of these cards online and print them out on card stock. Feel free to customise the text on the bottom for a personal touch!


A ‘may the best noisemakers win!’ game is also an excellent idea. But make sure everyone has their noise makers done before the countdown starts.


Set up the beverage bar

Mini champagne bar station

(Image Credit: Pexels)


A New Year’s garden party wouldn’t be complete without a bar drinking station. Serve various flavours of boozes, and don’t forget the champagne! Add a few gold pom poms onto wooden skewers to decorate your drink and make it more jolly.


For extra fun, set up dishes with coloured sanding sugar and let guests play ‘mixologist’. If you’re serving alcohol, consider setting it up in a different spot away from little hands.


As for the kiddos, serve them with homemade and sugar-free grape soda. A sparkling raspberry lemonade is also a sweet and bubbly drink that’ll make them feel grown-ups.




There’s no reason you can’t host a New Year’s garden party this year. No matter the weather, there are plenty of ways to create the perfect party atmosphere.


As long as your guests are warm, dry and comfortable, and of course, well-fed, everyone will have a party of a lifetime. And if you have more time for the garden party planning, create an IG-worthy balloon wall.


While you’re in it, why not set up a photo booth with a gold fringe backdrop? Everyone will surely be taking tons of photos all night for memories.


May your New Year’s garden party leave all your guests in awe!

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