How To Make a Garden Gaming Room

How To Make a Garden Gaming Room

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One of most gamers’ pleasures is getting immersed in their favourite video games. But sometimes, the challenge doesn’t lie in what they’re playing. Cue distractions and background noise, which can get them lost in their virtual world. If you face the same dilemma, creating a garden gaming room can up your game. 

Garden Games Room

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Among the popular garden room ideas is the garden games room. It’s a special outdoor space designed to accommodate games and entertainment in one place.

There’s a huge range of garden room ideas for gaming with different purposes. You could have one that’s more of a man cave, a playroom for the kids or a pool house for the entire family. It could be large or small, a single room or a multi-room garden house design.

If you don’t have a spare room in your home, that shouldn’t stop you. There’s no need to build an extension or buy a new house. You can create one in your garden space. Make use of what you already have, such as a shed, log cabin or a summer house even.

Below, we’ll highlight tips on how to create an enjoyable and comfortable outdoor game room.

1. Invest in the right outdoor building

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For this, you have two options. If you want to save yourself some time and hassle, investing in a bespoke garden building is the route to go down. Going bespoke means you can have your gaming room built to your exact specifications.

Say it’s a log cabin games room. The manufacturer will design it, complementing your vision for the space.

The other is to invest in a structure with a blank canvas. Unlike a bespoke unit, you can run your imaginations and creativity wild in this approach. You can do the modifications yourself and change them later if it no longer appeases you.

2. Determine your budget 

Whether you’re going for the first or second choice, it’s vital to determine your budget. How much money are you willing to spend? Asking this yourself will help ensure you have enough means to buy the outdoor building. Or for supplies, equipment, and additional help (if needed) for the DIY route. 

3. Pick the best location with lots of light

You’ll want somewhere that receives plenty of natural light. Consider a spot near a patio or pool area which can provide extra space for lounging or relaxing. Additionally, make sure that the area has easy access to electricity and is flat and levelled.

4. Wiring installation

This is where things can get interesting! But if you have yet to set up the wiring in your garden, this job is best done by experts unless you have the pro-skill to do so.

If you’re planning on using a lot of electricity, make sure to have enough outlets and add a circuit breaker or two. Once done, you can install the television, sound and entertainment system yourself!

If you’re only going to be playing Nintendo Switch games, a massive TV might not be necessary. But if you’re thinking of Xbox One or PS4 games, go for it. It may also serve as a great medium for movie nights.

For your monitor display, go for a model/s with excellent colour accuracy. Such investment will ensure the visuals will be nothing short of stunning. Get ready to fire up those epic match-ups!

Installing WiFi also helps maximise your entertainment and gaming experience. You can easily access the internet for videos, music, and other entertainment purposes. Also, you can link up multiple gaming systems so everyone can join in on the fun with their own device.

Don’t forget to install an air conditioning unit if the budget fits. Without it, you may not survive playing inside during warmer months. With one, however, your gaming room will be cooler in summer. Top tip: Investing in an indoor heating system is also worth noting for year-round use.

5. Get into decorating with cosy furniture items

Desktop gaming setup

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You’ve got your garden games room installed, now what? Think of what garden room décor you want to go for, and then make your ideas to life! Focus on making it comfortable and thrilling at the same time.

Invest in quality garden furniture, such as this Nightjar, if you wish to add a mini garden bar corner. If the space is limited, opt for space-saving pieces of furniture like bean bags. Adding a small fridge for snacks and drinks is also a smart choice - that way, you won’t have to keep nipping in the house. Either way, you want to make sure everyone can play in comfort.

6. Set up your gaming area

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If you wish to utilise this dedicated space solely for ‘gaming’, you'll need the following:

First, a gaming desk. This is a no-brainer, particularly if you depend on a PC or a laptop when playing your favourite games. This will provide you with a place for your peripheral devices, e.g. keyboards, monitors, and a mouse. 

Next, a gaming chair. To get the best comfort when playing for long periods, invest in a reclining chair. Most designs provide adequate cushions and lumbar support. These features ensure you won’t hurt your back after sitting for a long term. Top tip: Install more than one gaming chair if you plan on inviting a friend or two over for a gaming session.

Lastly, gaming systems. If you are a fan of modern gaming, a video or computer game set will serve as the highlight of your gaming room. Or why not go for the newest gaming console? For the latter, you may need to install a television, extra speakers, or any other display media.

7. Add extras to enhance the experience

Arcade gaming room with neon lights

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Congrats! You’ve got all the essentials set up. Next, consider adding extras to enhance the overall experience. Hang up some touch-ups, such as gamer wall decal pieces, along with posters. Neon signs also add a retro vibe while providing a splash of brilliant colours.

And if you have the bucks, get yourself arcade jukeboxes. But make sure you have enough space to place these machines inside. You don't want your garden games room to be cluttered. 

Aside from your modern gaming equipment, a billiard table can be a stylish and fun addition. But then again, consider your available space before purchasing. Alternatively, go for a pool table for hours of fun with your family and friends.

Don’t forget about USB hubs, charging cables, extension cords, and surge protectors too!


Creating a garden gaming room is a great way to optimise your outdoor space and have some fun. It can also provide an opportunity to get away from the stresses of everyday life. What’s more, it gives you a place to entertain family and friends.

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