The Benefits of an Outdoor Post Box

The Benefits of an Outdoor Post Box

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You aren’t legally obligated to have a mailbox on your property, and you won’t get in trouble for not having one. It can be a real headache, though, to see all the piles of stuff behind the bins or on your doorstep. 

When overlooked, some important mail may get lost or damaged due to weather or chewed by a dog. Hopefully, those aren’t your new credit card or some exclusive offers! (These circumstances sound like they’ll put you in more trouble instead.)

Now, are you sure you wouldn’t need a mailbox? Think again because these benefits offer more convenience than you can imagine!

Outdoor Post Box

Outdoor mailbox

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Posted outside, along with the house nameplate, a mail box is where your letters are delivered. In the UK, the term post box is commonly used, whereas a letterbox in America. Either way, they have the same purpose as a standard mailbox with a letter slot. 

Other terms for a post box include:

  • Letterbox
  • Maildrop
  • Post office box
  • Pillar box
  • Mail slot

As mentioned, delivery people may leave your parcels on the porch or behind the bins if you’re not home. But listing it as your ‘mail safe space’ grants more security.

From privacy to security, there are many reasons you might want to get an outdoor post box. For one, you won’t have to worry about where to put the letter slot on your front door. What’s more, this prevents thieves from reaching into your home and taking items close by.

Note: Depending on the size, a post box can fit smaller items, such as mail, into bigger parcels. Thus, it’s worth taking into account the dimensions and weight.

Without further ado, here are the top benefits of having a post box at your property:

Safe security

Identity theft is a growing concern, and would-be burglars can target mail from the floor. Not only this security issue can affect your home, but especially the mail inside your post box. This may be your credit card details or business documents. 

But they’re more likely to be deterred by the sight of a secure mail box, even better when locked. It’d also be difficult for them to retrieve any mail, thanks to the restrictor bar fitted inside the unit.

No need for a front door letter slot

Front door with letter slot

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When it comes to your home’s security, you may benefit more from having no letter slot in your front door. As stated, this prevents potential robbers from reaching your home. (Not to mention the owls that would swarm your letter slot with Hogwarts letters! Mr Dursley wouldn’t have it!)

Arsonists wouldn’t also be able to push potentially dangerous items into your house. An external post box can also be constructed arson-proof for this reason.

Automatic safe place

It’s always better to have a securely locked mailbox for when you’re not in. It’s like having your own post office boxes where you can get a large residential post box for parcels. You may also customise it so that they can be posted safely but need a key to unlock and retrieve them.

Faster deliveries

Red mailbox attached on the wall

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If you shop online a lot, it’s essential to maintain a good relationship with your local delivery people. Now, suppose you own a large property with a long driveway. It’d be awkward for them to deliver your parcels or mail, especially for those who aren't used to your address.

But a post box by the entrance to your driveway allows them to post your letters or packages and be on their way! This makes deliveries way faster, as well as their job a lot easier. It also helps reduce reckless delivery services that leave stuff behind just anywhere.

More privacy for the packages

Packages left on the doorstep don’t guarantee privacy in terms of your order details. You might have nosy neighbours who’d peer over to see what exactly you’ve been purchasing online! Who knows? But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A private residential mailbox makes the ideal solution for this. It increases privacy for whatever mail or parcel is to be delivered to your home, away from prying eyes. Plus, this helps protect you from identity theft and fraud, which no one wants to deal with ever.

Curb appeal

Besides the great level of security, private mailboxes are also curb appeal boosters. As they aren’t pretty much common in many UK homes, having one could help set your home apart from others. This is especially true if you plan to help your property soon.

A fancy post box can also add some character without spending too much money. You can opt for traditional designs for a classic charm. Or ornamental designs for personal touches.

Speaking of designs, these mailboxes offer both simplicity and sophistication. Make sure to check them out below:

Outdoor Steel Mail Box (With 2 Keys)

Outdoor Steel Mail Box (With 2 Keys)


More about the Outdoor Steel Mail Box (With 2 Keys)... This Large Outdoor Steel Lockable Post Mailbox is ideal for not only keeping your post and other items secure at all items but for also adding curb appeal to your property.… read more

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Lockable Steel Mail Box with Newspaper Slot

Lockable Steel Mail Box with Newspaper Slot


More about the Lockable Steel Mail Box with Newspaper Slot... Built using galvanised steel, this Steel Mail Box with Newspaper Slot is the perfect way to keep your post safe and secure away from poor weather conditions. If you live in… read more

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Most outdoor letterboxes are made from high-quality stainless steel and tough aluminium. When shopping for one, consider which material suits your outdoor setting best.

So, do you need a post box? Although it’s not required, it’s not just a good idea not to have one, especially if you expect mail now and then.

It’s also an all-in-one solution if there’s a distance between the main road and your house. Or if a fence or wall marks your boundary. You may install your post box either on the wall or affixed to a post, wherever you see fit.

To conclude this post, there are indeed many reasons to have a mailbox outside your home! Whether it’s for security or curb appeal, or both, it’s a worthwhile investment.

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