12V 3-in-1 Battery Charger, Jump Starter & Air Compressor

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  • Use to charge the car battery, jump start the engine or pump up car, motorbike, cycle tyres and other inflatable items
  • Comes with LED work light for use at night and a 5V/2A USB port for charging up smartphones, tablets and other devices
  • Battery voltage diagnostics ensure potential defects are quickly identified
  • Compact and portable design ideal for storing in the boot should you become stuck in an emergency
  • Intelligent microprocessor ensures fast, easy and safe charging with a number of safety features including reverse polarity and short circuit protection

Delivery Information


12V 3-in-1 Battery Charger, Jump Starter & Air Compressor

With the 3-in-1 battery charger, jump starter and air compressor you’ll never be left stranded or unable to solve an emergency issue with your car. It ensures you can stay on the road if your battery dies, if you need to give the engine a jump-start and also provides air compression to keep your tyres going until you can find a replacement. The air compressor is adaptable enough to be put to use around the home to put air into footballs, rugby balls and inflatable toys.

No matter what time of day the issue occurs, thanks to the built-in LED work light, you won’t have to fumble around in the dark, as you will have clear vision on the job at hand. It also comes with a universal USB port (5V/2A) that can be used for charging up smartphones, tablets and other connectable devices.

Safety is also of paramount importance with this unit; internal safety features include short circuit, open circuit, reverse polarity, spark proof, overheating, overcurrent and overcharging protection. It Includes and internal storage area, nozzles for sport ball and car and bike tire inflation and has PSI/BAR/KPA pre-sets and memory functions. The unit also has auto-memory, so it will automatically return to the last selected mode when restarted.

The portable and durable unit contains battery voltage diagnostics that will continually monitor battery voltage to spot any potential defects that may occur. This is one of the safest and easiest 3-in-1 units to use and it ensures you maximise value from the vital elements of your car that you need the most.


Technical Specification:
  • Outlet: 12V/10A
  • Air Compressor: 260 PSI
  • Power Inverter: 100W
  • Battery Capacity: 7Ah
  • Peak Amps: 750A
  • Spark Proof: Yes
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
  • Short Circuit Protection: Yes


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Item Specifics

MPN1 Year
ColourRed; Black
FeaturesAir Compressor; LED Light; Portable; USB Charger
Set OfSingle Item
TypeJump Starter
Peak Amps750
AccessoriesUser Manual

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