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Wooden Garden Hedgehog House

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Product Features
  • Offers plenty of space for hibernation and breeding
  • Features two compartments so the array can move around
  • Solid construction makes it completely predator proof
  • Easy to clean requiring only hot boiler water to rinse it out
  • Weighs 4kg, with dimensions of 34cm (H) x 40cm (L) x 36cm (W)

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During the winter small creatures need a place to get out of the cold to hibernate and keep away from the dropping temperatures – and prowling predators. This Wooden Garden Hedgehog House keeps hedgehogs nicely tucked away from the cold while also keeping any dangers at arm’s length, so they remain safe and protected.

There’s plenty of space to be found inside, allowing the hedgehogs to settle in and make a home for themselves, while also letting them breed and expand their array. It has dimensions of 34cm (H) x 40cm (L) x 36cm (W) which provides lots of room to feed and weighs only 4kg, so is easy to put into position or change when needed.

The solid construction means predators can’t push their way in, giving the hedgehogs full protection for as long as they want to use the hedgehog hibernation shelter It’s the perfect retreat for them to get away from the hazards of life in the wild, and gives you some company in your garden for the long winter months.

When it comes to April and the hibernation period is over, you are likely to want to clean your Hedgehog Home. All you need is to do is to wash through with boiling water once the lid is open to make it clean and open for use once again. Keep your garden nature friendly and put your prickly little friends up for a few months over winter.

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