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Villa Beacon Fire Pit Table + BBQ Grill + Spark Guard + Rain cover

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  • Tabletop made from beautiful natural slate
  • Chromed Barbecue Grill
  • Pull-out centre for easy change from coffee/drinks/snacks table to fire pit/BBQ
  • Fire Pit Poker supplied
  • Supplied with High Quality Weather Cover


Villa Beacon Fire Pit Table + BBQ Grill + Spark Guard + Rain cover

Extend your 'party' evenings on the Patio to way into the night by keeping warm beside this stunning Fire Pit / BBQ. When heat is not required, the Natural Slate Villa Beacon becomes a very attractive Coffee Table.

One of our most popular items, the 'Villa Beacon' is a fantastic space-saving idea for those who want a fire pit & BBQ, but don't want to give up the space to a fire pit exclusively, combining a beautiful coffee table with a fire pit & BBQ.

Simply remove the pull-out section of the slate coffee table and then start up your fire! Supplied with safety mesh cover to retain any sparks from the fire pit & a poker.

This item is manufactured from steel and may suffer rust discolouration after exposure to moisture.  To alleviate this issue, a fully waterproof weather cover is supplied with this product.  This cover will protect and extend the life of the product if applied whenever the item is not in use. Please be absolutely sure the item has completely cooled after each use (which will take several hours) before applying the weather cover. 


Technical Specification:
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 890mm (35")
  • Diameter Fire Pit Steel Bowl: 610mm (24")
  • Height including Mesh cover: 510mm (20")

Ratings & Reviews

9 Reviews


Perfect for casual entertaining

by |

Such a versatile item.
<br>Easily moveable, great for cooking and the spark guard really helps. Good for keeping warm later into the evening.
<br>Also makes a lovely rustic occasional table, inside or out.


by |

My firepit/coffee table arrived with a minor defect. While assembling I found one of the supporting legs did not stand flush or true compared to the others, this needed gently adjustment but is still not perfect. Also another of the support legs had only one bolt hole and needed drilling.
<br>However the firepit is now up and running and has caught the attention of my friends.
<br>I am overall satisfied.

Very mediocre build quality but reasonable value for money.

by |

Arrived remarkably quickly, which was excellent, but was somewhat damaged on arrival insomuch as some of the tiles had come adrift from the backing and were laying in the bottom of the box. As returning such a heavy and awkward to repack item would present problems I opted to re-fix the tiles myself, which meant more expenditure on waterproof tile cement and grout. The repair worked but was visible as the original grout was a different shade to the new application. One of the legs had only one hole punched out for the two mounting bolts and consequently is now fixed with only one bolt. Not a major problem but not ideal for a brand new item. Having said all that it works fine and looks good, and comes with a very sturdy heavy duty weather cover, which is important, and it represents reasonably good value for what it cost. I would reccommend it as hopefully my damaged one was just an unfortunate isolated occurrence.


by |

This is a great fire pit but also an attractive table. This looks excellent on our new patio and is really strong and stable. Well worth the money.

Excellent quality fire pit

by |

I would recommend highly, it looks great and it's multiple function as a coffee table make it an excellent buy.

love it

by |

Just as advertised.
<br>just need d sun to come back.

Lovely garden feature

by |

A delightful and handy piece of garden furniture which was very easy to set up. Delighted.

Good looks but not a great source of heat

by |

The table is sturdy, just the right size for our large patio and very nice to look at. The top lifts off with a nifty handle that sinks into the top making it flat in case you wish to use it as a table....we haven't yet. there is a long metal arm which you can use to lift off the net dome when it is hot. the black cover fits perfectly and goes on and off very easily and looks neat when not in use. we have had trouble making any fire last but that is probably more our fault than the fault of the table but when the fire is going, it gives off a lot of smoke which blows over you if you happen to be in the wrong place when the wind turns. we have tried to use smokeless charcoal but we cant get that to work for long either, even with firelighters and kindling. so far we have used logs and charcoal which sit higher than the level of the grill so we haven't tried to put the grill on the firepit so haven't tried to cook over it yet. we notice the fire does not give off much heat at all while sitting round it so the table's main purpose so far is as something nice to look at. we all agree we enjoy looking at the fire burn but it is pretty useless as a source of heat unless you stand over it. I think a lot of this is down to our fire-building skills, or lack therefore, rather than the firepit which is exactly as described.

bbq fire pit

by |

great product very happy