Square Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace Firebox

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Product Features
  • Burns for approximately one hour burning 2000 BTUs
  • No need to use coal, gas, electricity or gel cans
  • For use in the home
  • Comes with free extinguish cover
  • Made from tempered glass, steel base and protective feet
  • Bio Ethanol not included

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If you do not have a fireplace in your home, and also do not have room to use a large portable system, our Bio Ethanol Fireplace Tabletop Square could be just what you are looking for. You might even live in a small property that would not be suitable for a large flame, and this compact fireplace with sleek modern design will likely fit right in without a problem.

With no need for electricity, gas, chimney or gel cans, this compact freestanding fireplace can be transported and used wherever you need in the home. The ambience it creates makes everyone feel relaxed and right at home.

The square cube firebox features tempered glass to safely contain the fire, along with a robust steel base and protective feet to ensure long-term use. The burning time is approximately one hour once it has been filled with Bio Ethanol and all you have to do is put the fuel in the canister and light it up.

Use the extinguish cover to dampen out the flame when you no longer need to use the tabletop fireplace, keeping everyone safe and sound. The convenient dimensions of 28 (H) x 24.5 (L) x 20.5cm (W) make it perfect for use on tabletops and shelving strong enough to hold its weight, making a wonderful atmosphere everyone can enjoy.

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