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38cc 'Raptor38' Petrol Chainsaw 16" 1.25KW 2HP

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  • 38cc 2-Stroke Air-Cooled Petrol Engine
  • 1.25KW and 2.0 Horsepower Torque
  • 9,000 rpm Engine Speeds
  • 100cm Extension Pole for over three metre reach
  • Great Tree Pruning Tool


9000rpm Petrol Chainsaw

With its 38cc two-stroke petrol engine, this domestic chainsaw offers great value for money. Easy to assemble and easy to use, the Raptor38 chainsaw delivers 2.0 horsepower of torque and engine speeds of nine thousand RPM. The Oregon chain will make light work of thick branches and small to medium size tree trunks.

Comes with mixing bottle, with measurement guide so you can easily mix the recommended 25:1 fuel to oil ratio. Remember to also fill the chain oil reservoir before use, to ensure a well lubricated chain. With an operational weight of only 6kgs and an anti-vibration mechanism, you’ll find this chainsaw easy to handle with minimum muscle strain and maximum comfort.

Start-Up Guide
  • Starts first time (in all weathers).
  • To start your chainsaw, prime the fuel bulb until it goes firm and you can see some fuel mix inside the bulb (usually about 6 pumps).
  • Pull out the choke until it clicks.
  • Turn the ignition on.
  • Put a foot on the handle to hold the chainsaw steady and make sure the chain brake is on (push forward until it clicks).
  • Pull Chord a few times until you feel resistance.
  • Then give a big yank with the choke on, you should hear the engine growl.
  • Turn the choke off (press in), and then one more big yank and the engine should roar into action.
From logging, to tree-felling, this petrol chainsaw can do it all. Included in the box are the 38cc petrol base unit, the 16” guide bar, chain guard and chain, brake assy, mixing bottle, 5-piece toolkit and instruction manual.


Technical Specification:
  • Engine Displacement: 38cc
  • Engine type: Air-cooled, Two-stroke, petrol engine
  • Power transmission method: Automatic centrifugal clutch with bevel gear
  • Carburetor: Diaphragm
  • Max. engine speed (min-1): 9000
  • Max. Power: 1.25KW / 2.0HP
  • Idle Speed(min-1): 3400
  • Ignition: CDI
  • Stopping Method: Sparking Circuit Primary Short
  • Cutting line: 370mm
  • Start system: Recoil
  • Cooling system: Forced Air
  • Volume of Fuel Tank: 310ml
  • Oil tank capacity: 210ml
  • Fuel mixture petrol-oil-mixture : 25:1
  • Sound Power Level: 113db
  • Weight: 6.0KG
  • Tip of Chainsaw bar/blade to engine: 9' 9" (300cm with extra pole)
Long Reach Pruning Saw (Small Chainsaw)
  • Chain Guide Bar: 12”, 3/8" pitch. 043”gauge
  • Sprockets: 3/8" inch, Fixed Spur
  • Gearcase Ratio: 1.06:1
  • Sound level: 113db
  • Chain Speed: 23.5m/Sec @ 10,000 min-1
  • Chain Lubrication Automatic Adjustable Oiler
  • Chain is Simple to Adjust with the adjusting screw and lock nut
  • Comes with Cover



Ratings & Reviews

13 Reviews



by |

easy assembly, started 1st time, tick over needed adjusting, I adjusted the carb (didn't have my glasses ) just wouldn't start after that. Spoke to Glen.. Returned it he adjusted it and I'm waiting to get some logs to use it... Excellent from start to finish...


by |

Not a problem at the moment cuts as it should good saw for the home.


by |

Not bad bought this to replace a spear & Jackson saw ( Chinese ) apparently , gave me 3-4 years trouble free use . This seems identical but for the colour . Cut a pile of logs no problem but an Oregon bar and chain would be better. As others have said the pictures in the manual are much too dark. Not a stihl but not a stihl price either.

manual could have clearer pictures

by |

The UK part of the manual had very dark pictures so i had to refer to the German portion. Once I found out most of the starting instructions were for a more advanced model it started well. Cutting up logs is a doddle with it.

Raptor38 Petrol Chainsaw 38cc 16" Bar 2HP

by |

Item was as described, came as a kit, but the manual was fairly easy to understand. Good price and cut my walnut tree down and into logs no problem.

Good VFM

by |

Arrived on time and as described.
<br>Assembly was a bit er.... fiddly and hit & miss.
<br>The manuel was in Chinglish and was generic to all Raptor models, so was uncelar for the one I bought Raptor38 16"
<br>Once I sorted it (the chain brake is *very* stiff to begin with) it is fine, and excellent value.
<br>Chain adjustment is a bit of a hit & miss affair though.

great buy

by |

unpacked the saw took a while to release the brake .Now working pruned some trees no problems .Easy to start, good saw for the money

Easy to assemble and to use, effective

by |

We are very happy with this Chainsaw. It enables us to perform all the tasks we planned in the garden (cutting branches of trees - and medium size tree trunks).
<br>Thank you

You get what you pay for

by |

I bought this as a first machine and glad I did not pay to much as it is very plastic and does not seem to robust, done all the instructions with what I could see due to dark pictures, also model does not match up to pictures ie oil filler is in different position. Starting takes ages wether this is due to me or machine I do not know,but even when warm and you stop for while still hard to start, lots of smoke from exhaust but I hope this is due to me till I get mixture perfect, overall it does the job but when using feels a bit flimsy but like I said you get what you pay for, I think parts are all from china,

Raptor38 Petrol Chainsaw

by |

I can only echo what other reviewers have said - Glen's help and guidance was exceptional and without that sort of back-up, I'm afraid the frailties of the User Guide would be well and truly exposed! He spent almost an hour on the 'phone on the morning of the 5 March going through the problems I was experiencing in assembling the Raptor38 chainsaw (mainly to do with the inadequacies of the User Guide) and without that level of support, I guess I'd still be trying to work out how to fix the chain and bar!!
<br>The saw works very well - and unusually for these beasts, my problem is not getting it started - but stopping it! The on/off button appears not to work! Perhaps a carburretor problem?

b0b Faithfull

by |

put together but pictures are dark but took my time
<br>cut up a lot of old 4x4 no trouble would recommend both store and tool
<br>keeping in mind for future needs

raptor38 petrol chainsaw 38cc 16inbar

by |

purchased mine late august and have given it loads of work.GREAT piece of kit. Only one minor thing was that the on/off switch is on when it should be off re the stick on label.

A cut above the average saw (sorry)

by |

This is my first chainsaw,so a bit apprehensive to begin with.I found the instruction a bit hard to follow but managed nonetheless.Some initial start-up problems but cleaning the plug sorted it.Does a great job in use.It handles well.Delighted with my new toy!