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  • 52cc Petrol Grass Trimmer Brushcutter 2.2KW 3HP

52cc Petrol Grass Trimmer Brushcutter 2.2KW 3HP

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  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 52cc 2-Stroke Air-Cooled Petrol Engine
  • 2.2KW and 3 Horsepower Torque
  • Most Popular model in the Range
  • Suitable for Domestic & Industrial Use


High Performance Grass Trimmer

This multi-functional petrol grass trimmer from Trueshopping enjoys a heavy-duty 52cc two-stroke engine, delivering 3.0 horsepower of torque. It is ideal for domestic customers with larger gardens or professional landscapers. The trimmer comes with two different attachments for multi-functionality. The spool attachment is perfect for tidying lawn edges, pruning hedgerows and ridding the garden of any unsightly weeds. Whilst the twin line three-pronged metal cutting blade can handle the tougher tasks from stubborn, thick-rooted shrubs and bushes to industrial scale clear outs!

The versatility, power and simplicity of the Trueshopping 52cc Petrol Brush Cutter have made it the most popular trimmer in our range, for both domestic and professional customers.

The handlebar and harness are specifically designed to protect against muscle strain and ensure maximum comfort, as you do battle with the undergrowth!

Out of the box, you get the 52cc Petrol Trimmer Base Unit, trimmer split shaft, nylon cutter spool, 3 pronged trimmer blade, protective guard, mixing bottle, 5 piece toolkit, combination spanner and instruction manual.

It is important to adhere to the recommended 25:1 ratio split of fuel to oil when filling the tank, to ensure the optimum performance and longevity of your grass trimmer.

Please ensure you read the manual in full before operating the machine for the first time.

We have provided a Troubleshooting Section within the manual however if you have any questions regarding the operation of the machine, please contact our Customer Service Team.


Technical Specification:
  • Model No: BC5202D
  • Engine Type: 52cc Air-Cooled, Two-Stroke, Petrol Engine
  • Dry Weight: 7.00kgs
  • Volume of Fuel Tank: 1025ml
  • Cutting Line Length: 5m
  • Max. Engine Speed (min-1): 10,000
  • Engine Displacement: 52cc
  • Max. Power: 2.2KW
  • Idle Speed (min-1): 3000
  • Fuel Mixture Petrol-oil-mix: 25:1
  • Sound Power Level: 112db


Please download manual Here

Ratings & Reviews

Cuts through the C@#P just as it says

by |

Wanted to buy a Stihl but the wife said too too much so she read the reviews and came up with the alternative. Easy to put together and fires up to the first pull. Watch out Stihl the competitor is out there and at least half the price!

Excellent Value for money

by |

Took one hour to build
<br>Started after two/three pulls
<br>I have wrecked a Ryobi and a JCB strimmer so far. This one seems very good and robust.

Came on time and is a every thing I wanted from the product

by |

Very good

Budget strimmer

by |

Arrived without decent instruction manual and no image to help decipher!

Looks a good strimmer but could do with a split shaft.

by |

Looks like a good strimmer but could do with a split shaft so it can be transported easier.


by |

Powerful machine, perfect for the toughest of gardens.

Alan Moran

by |

Bought this strimmer nearly 2 years ago from Trueshopping. Fantastic machine, cuts through the heaviest of brush with ease. this 52cc engine will easily cope without the need to run on full throttle. a great purchase.

just what I wanted

by |

Came on time, assembled very easily and is a very powerful strimmer. Because it is powerful it uses thick nylon so carries on cutting for longer without having to rethread the spool. Overall a great buy.

grass strimmer

by |

Very pleased with the strimmer but did not come when stated but came the following day.

Good trimmer,

by |

Good trimmer, bought one of these trimmers, very powerful, cut everything but no parts back up or very difficult in getting it repair by know specialist, my one spindle pack up and can't repair it, company should offer a name repair specialist or offer spares parts offer too.

Excellent piece of kit.

by |

Went together very well, instructions were a little off, but they were covering a few variations. First use was very impressive and it certainly isn't lacking any power, I look forward to using the blade cutter as I believe this will also be good, glad I bought it.

Oustanding Strimmer - even at a far higher price

by |

I was a little cynical at all the excellent reviews, but thought, for £100 what could really go wrong?
<br>This strimmer has plenty of power, easy to handle, straightforward to construct, and produces a really good finish.

Not Great, Poor Build Quality

by |

Build Quality is poor and would not be worth the RRP price quoted, you get what you pay for...... so for the price you pay it's not bad.
<br>I had to wait an extra two days due to the delivery company only delivering me the engine the first time around.
<br>Not great when you think Trueshopping HQ is only 2 and 1/2 miles away from me in Burnley : (
<br>So far it works, and cuts grass, for how long I don't know?

product good

by |

The product is brilliant, excellent value for money. Not for a complete novice to assemble, the instructions require a degree of product pre-knowledge and have some room for interpretation.


by |

Good machine, well balanced but beware when starting. Caught me out and ripped a nail on the choke lever.
<br>Delivery was a bit slow and shipping info haphazard.

Does what it says on the box .

by |

So far i have been very impressed with this piece of kit . It has made light work of a recent gardening job . Easy to operate and handle .Very powerful . I was a little apprehensive when i opened the box and thought i had a lot to assemble but it was easier and more straightforward than it appeared . I am considering buying my next piece of equipment from here .


by |

This product is very good I have a allotment and it make easy work for me

Petrol Grass Strimmer Brush Cutter

by |

No issues with the product itself,but the assembly/user instructions not fit for purpose.Very poorly written,and were of no use what so ever in the assembly of the tool.
<br>Only hope consumable spares are available when required.

BC520 Strimmer - good good good

by |

Ive used all kinds of high end industrial strimmers. This is an excellent strimmer for the price and is up there with the more expensive industrial ones.


by |

After using it around my garden the strimmer has a lot of power and works better than I thought.
<br>I Would recommend this type to anyone who's got a big garden. Kevin Halsall Scotland.


by |

far too powerful for a 74 year old pensioner. I could not even start the machine, it almost ripped my arm from the socket. after two days of trying to start the strimmer I returned it to trueshopping. hopefully they will exchange it for a BC1E36F ?

Brute of a tool. Not quite a Stihl, but not exactly a Ryobi

by |

First impressions out of the box is that the materials used are of high quality with maybe the plastic used on the switches which seem a little cheap. One previous reviewer suggested it would be better with a split shaft, it seems that he was listened to as this unit now comes with a slit shaft. In addition it appears that since previous reviews the strimmer comes mostly assembled and it only took me ten minutes to fit together. The manual is very comprehensive, easy to follow and printed on high quality paper instead of a leaflet that you will lose straight away!
<br>I liked that, it shows that if they put the effort into such a small thing then the product itself should receive the same attention to detail. Once assembled I tested it. Took a while to get it going but it was brand new so this SHOULD get better. Left it in the shed for a few weeks before I had the time or the weather to do my garden which by this point was over 3 foot tall and laced with brambles! Again it took a while to get it going but I may have flooded it. Eventually I sussed out that it takes a few pulls with the choke on, then a couple with the choke off and it fires straight up.
<br>However I did have a small problem. Whilst starting it I noticed that the chord guide has come off and was whizzing up and down the chord. This not only damaged the chord itself but also damaged the plastic housing. I contacted Trueshopping and told them the issue. They asked for a picture of the problem and once received, they dispatched a replacement pull chord unit and it took less that 5 mins to replace. As for the use of the strimmer, it made real short work of the garden! Its a brutal strimmer! Very powerful and very little slows it down. It just charges through the long stuff and the brambles without the need to do it in layers! The 'bullhorn' handles make it easy to keep the head level and easy to avoid digging into the soil. I would say though that due to the size of the engine (52cc) it does vibrate alot! Definitely wear gloves and avoid using it for long periods. Its also loud (as you would expect) so ear protection is a must. I would give this unit 5 stars but it's new and I really would like to reserve my judgement until I see how reliable the engine is as time goes on. As per title, this is not a Stihl but it is a very good rival especially at the price which is very cheap! £120 and can't really complain! I would take this over a Ryobi any day! I would never buy a Ryobi ever again! Good strimmer, I highly recommend it..


by |

My old strimmer which was lower power was so much better.It did the job better than this one. I shall have to take it to be repaired.

A lot of strimmer for little money

by |

wasn't sure when I saw this product for the money whether it would be worth buying, so glad I did excellent machine, have a large garden and this strimmer cut through long grass and overgrowth easily, only downside is my wife found it difficult to pull the cord to start the machine, or maybe it was a ploy so she doesn't have to do the gardening!!!!!

best strimmer on the market

by |

Excellent strimmer for the money.