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52cc Petrol Multi-Function 5-in1 Garden Tool 2.2KW 3HP

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  • 52cc Petrol Engine
  • 2.2KW & 3.0HP
  • Tackle All Jobs with One Tool
  • 100cm Extension Pole for Over 3m Reach
  • 9,500 rpm Engine Speeds


Multi-Functional Garden Landscaping Tool

A versatile, all-in-one, garden multi-tool with 52cc two-stroke petrol engine delivering 3.0 horsepower of torque and engine speeds of up to 9,500 rpm. Save money and shed space with chainsaw, grass trimmer and long-reach hedge trimmer attachments all included in one convenient model.

The chainsaw / pruning saw attachment can be adjusted to suit your needs with the adjusting screw and lock nut. Perfect for pruning trees and stubborn bushes. Combined with the extension pole attachment, the chainsaw can offer three metres of reach and will slice through branches with ease.

The dual-purpose garden trimmer brushcutter comes with both a nylon spool head cutter for trimming lawn edges, and a three-toothed metal cutter blade for clearing overgrown weeds. It can be further upgraded too, if required, with circular saw and 40-tooth cutting blade attachments available to buy, to further enhance your grass trimmer capabilities.

The long-reach hedge trimmer comes with two-sided blade, adjustable to 10 different cutting angles for maximum accuracy. Again, by combining with the 100cm extension pole, you can get over 3 metres of reach to keep even the very top of your hedgerow in check.

Package contents include the 52cc petrol base unit, long-reach hedge trimmer, chainsaw, two grass trimmer attachments, 100cm extension pole, protective trimmer guard and blade guards, shoulder harness for maximum comfort and minimum strain, fuel mixing bottle, toolkit complete with everything you need for assembly and adjustments, and easy-to-follow instruction manual.

This product comes with a 12 month warranty.


Technical Specification:
  • Engine Type: 2-cycle, air-cooled vertical cylinder
  • Displacement: 52cc
  • Engine Speed Idle: 3000rpm
  • Maximum Engine Speed: 9,500rpm
  • Maximum Output: 2.2KW / 3.0HP
  • Fuel/Oil Ratio: 25/1 with 2-cycle engine oil
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1025ml
  • Carburetor Type: Diaphragm Type
  • Ignition: Flywheel Magneto CDI system
  • Spark Plug: TORCH BM6A
  • Air Filter: Semi-Wet, quick remove/install
  • Starting Method: Recoil
  • Cooling System: Forced Air
  • Stopping Method: Slide Switch
  • Transmission Type: Automatic, centrifugal clutch with bevel gear
  • Dry Weight: 7.0kgs
  • Tip of Hedge trimmer to engine: 10' 4" (315cm with extra pole)
  • Tip of Chainsaw bar/blade to engine: 9' 9" (300cm with extra pole)
Long Reach Hedge Trimmer:
  • Hardened Steel Double Edged Blade
  • Weight 1.8kg
  • Blade Length: 450mm
  • Adjust to 10 Different Cutting Angles
  • Comes With Blade Covers
  • Cutter Drive: Spur Gear
  • Gear Lubricant: Lithium Based Grease
  • Assembly Length With Cutter: 1700mm
Long Reach Pruning Saw (Small Chainsaw):
  • Useful For Pruning Trees
  • Chain Guide Bar: 12", 0.375" pitch. 050"gauge
  • Sprockets: 3/8" inch, Fixed Spur
  • Gearcase Ratio: 1.06:1
  • Chain Speed: 23.5m/Sec @ 10,000 min-1
  • Chain Lubrication Automatic Adjustable Oiler
  • is Simple to Adjust with the adjusting screw and lock nut
  • Comes with Cover
  • Cutting Diameter Approx: 40cm
  • Material: Nylon, 2.5mm*500cm
  • Handle Type Used: Loop or 'D' handle
  • Blade Rotation: Counter Clockwise
Brush Cutter:
  • Metal T3 Pronged Blade
  • Cutting Diameter: 30cm
Extension Pole:
  • 1000mm in Length

Ratings & Reviews

defiantly a tool to have

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Excellent tool and very cormftable to use with no problems operating or using this machine and I like the fact it does so many tasks that I keep using it as I recently had to trim my hedge at the front of my house and this machine proved to be excellent.
<br>Defiantly would recommend.
<br>Would like to see a stick edger attachment for it in the near future as an extra which would be very handy I hate manual edging with a edging iron lol.

Good Value for Money

by |

Have bought (and rejected) some dreadful cheap Chinese tools in the past and was a little dubious with this purchase in view of very low price
<br>Mainly interested in long reach chain saw and hedge trimmer. Lots of trees and branches down due to recent heavy snowfall. This machine coped very well. Despite comments re difficulty to assemble, I found it very easy and the instructions reasonable.
<br>Agree with other purchaser, it needs more attachments, - I originally was interested in the Ryobi Multi Tool from B&Q which has all the right attachments i.e. edging tool, small rotary mower, cultivator etc but which is much more expensive. The 52 cc engine is very powerful
<br>Simply a good value tool which looks to be reasonably built (so far!)

Good but could/should be better

by |

It is not a bad piece of kit and key elements are well engineered. However, some aspects are quite disappointing for a Trueshopping item e.g. the handle has a very odd [incorrect part?] plastic projection that is no use to man nor beast, the foam "air cleaner" arrangement is crude and flimsy, there is inadequate adjustment to balance the unit when on full extension, and, use of the 'button' to keep the throttle lever open is mystifying.
<br>Power is adequate for the tools, taking into account the losses due to various gears when extended.
<br>Be patient with the extensive instructions. Extensive, yes but unfathomably in some areas.
<br>In these days of 'Easystart' the instruction to practice to get the engine to start was a surprise. However, I have had no problems starting.
<br>All-in-all. It is not bad and, I suspect, worth the money. I just wish a little more thought had gone into the design and operation of the various tools.

Excelent bit of kit.

by |

Excellent machine put it together started 4th pull, surprised on how very good the quality is, can't fault it in any way, would recommend it to anyone with confidence.

Very Good Value

by |

I bought this multi- function set to take to France where I have just purchased a home with 1500m2 of overgrown garden with high hedges, a multitude of mature trees and elephant grass for lawn (if indeed a lawn was ever intended!).
<br>So far this tool has performed very well. The 52cc engine is unstoppable and the automatic clutch works very well and safely so there is no vicious 'bite' or 'buck' when the going is tough.
<br>The operating instructions are, like those with most far east products, not exactly informative or clear, so it does take some thought to work out how things go together.
<br>Locking the various heads and extension tubes in place requires care and a little bit of giggling to get locking catches and locking holes to align and engage properly.
<br>The fuel tank needs to be well topped up when working with the power unit inverted, e.g. when lopping high branches, or trimming high hedges. Otherwise the engine tends to race, presumably when drawing in too much air.
<br>The pruning/lopping saw (circular saw) attachment is relatively small but surprisingly capable. It certainly has no problems with branches of 6" or so and used carefully and progressively will cut through much larger diameters. The oil level for the chain oil should be checked every time the saw is used.
<br>The strimmer and brush-cutter functions are excellent and have so far coped with the worst in my wilderness garden.
<br>The blade on the hedge-trimmer attachment is somewhat short. Given the power of the engine unit, it could probably drive a longer blade. However, short as it is, it the hedge-trimmer performs well and, of course, has excellent reach.
<br>The power unit is quite thirsty and a litre of 2 stroke mix seems to go in little over half an hour. Having said that the engine performance is very good. Starting is easy. Although the choke setting symbols on the side of the air-filter on the model supplied where completely inverted so that 'closed' = open and 'open' + closed. Once I had worked that out and remembered to reset the engine cut-off switch on the primary drive tube, starting has been easy.
<br>Value for money this is a very good package.

Does what it meant to do quite well.

by |

The basic instructions need a little imaginative interpretation, obviously not written by an English speaker but translated with some strange terminology and poor diagrams. Common sense is required to complete assembly but generally not too challenging but there do seem to have been model updates which have not been updated in the manual. ALSO, the 'plastic' end-of-line fuel filter which sits in the fuel tank 'disolves' in petrol and collapses within a few hours thus making petrol pick-up impossible. Obviously designed by a real genius! Luckily I found the source of the problem and fitted an alternative and got the blasted thing working again. Slightly frustrating on 2nd day of use. This needs looking into by your buyers/techs as it easily renders the machine totally useless for the sake of £3 for a non-plastic alternative.

Very good value

by |

Excellent value. Easy to put together. Does the job.

Total Gardener X5

by |

A good flexible tool that saves you buying all the separate kit.
<br>Problem is storing all the bits and pieces needed to fix each attachment and the attachments themselves.
<br>I solved this by creating a board to hang all the pieces on.
<br>Attachments are easy to change over once you are familiar with the method.

It's a good bit of kit, does what it supposed to do!

by |

Excellent value for the money, not pro but a very good semi-pro domestic garden multi tool.
<br>The instruction book needs a lot of changes made to it "If the chainsaw oil tank is half full with petrol"?, for some people it will be hard to follow, and as this one I have now was a replacement I did not bother to look at it! as putting it together is very simple to work out.
<br>The first strimmer had a fault with re-starting after only 15-20 minutes use, Trueshopping were excellent, they had it collected the next day and as it was near the weekend, I had a full refund on the Monday.
<br>I bought the same model as a replacement, so far I have used it for about an hour Strimming and Hedge cutting and both excellent as everything does what it supposed to do. Need to get chainsaw oil before I can try that (once again the instruction book is not that clear on assembly) and I think a small bottle of oil could be included the box!
<br>So in my opinion it's a good bit of kit, does the job, you could pay more for similar strimmer/brush cutters alone, without the extras, and you know that if you have any problems with it True shopping will look after you .. Al

well impressed

by |

I took a long time before deciding which multi tool to buy because every time I found one that looked just right I went on to reviews and there was always some sort of problem then on a general internet search I found this Trueshopping product went on to reviews and with one exception all reviews rated it, so I thought why not give it a try. Once complete I did struggle to start it at first but after a little messing about worked out how to do it and now starts very easy every time I found the product really good.

Well the Money

by |

not one to normally write reviews but on this item i have to. brought this item to clear an over ground garden, and it has done everything i've thrown at it. brambles, over grown rose bushes and lawns back to somewhere we can start work on. the one thing i have to point out to anyone thinking of buying one is, check the poles as soon as it arrives, one of my poles had a bend but lucky for me i work at a firm which makes the same poles so it was easy for me. but please don't let that put you off, this has to be a Must have tool for anyone with a large garden.

Well made but instructions let it down.

by |

A good sturdy construction, fit for purpose. Only downfall is that they instructions were too vague, and made it confusing.

value for money

by |

I struggy to start hot or cold will not start on choke [very thirsty] instruction book u/s but simple to workout . locking the tubes require care to align. very heavy with long attachment; hedge timmer short but for the low price very good .

Not bad but ...

by |

When considering the purchase of ultra-cheap products such as those sold by True Shopping, consider this: what you save in money, you are going to make up for in aggravation.
<br>The saving is phenomenal; it would be easy to spend between £800 and £1000 on a 5-in-1 multi tool made by big name brands like Stihl. Yet, here is True Shopping offering a 52cc 5-in-1 multi-tool for £169.99. Too good to be true? A little, yes.
<br>Let's be clear here: the machine, when fully and properly assembled, is excellent; performance is as good as any of its more expensive counterparts. Getting to the point of optimal performance however, is not for the inexperienced or impatient. If you are not mechanically-minded, take everything to your nearest power tool professionals and have them assemble it for you.
<br>My machine was delivered within 24 hours. Initially, I was impressed with that. Thereafter, things got a bit bogged down. The wrong handle had been supplied, and the pole saw bar and chain were incompatible. As might be expected the instruction manual is totally incoherent; written by someone whose fourth language is English. The toolkit is just about OK but if you’ve got your own tools, use them.
<br>Rather than enter into protracted negotiations with True Shopping over a replacement handle, I lashed up one of my own. I’ll attach a proper one over time when they come back into stock at True Shopping. The pole saw chain and bar have been dealt with by professionals, thereby adding to the overall cost. Again, it wasn’t worth getting into a hassle with True Shopping over replacements.
<br>But, as I’ve said above, once everything is brought together and is working properly, this is an excellent and very cost-effective solution to many garden problems. One important point to note for those who buy the 52cc version: get a strong, full-body harness from someone like Honda or Stihl, with shoulder supports. The 52cc version is really quite heavy and a full-body harness will go a long way towards easing back problems.

Total Gardner

by |

I agree with all of the above, the product is not without degrees of frustration, including massive. However I call it the widow maker of strimmers.
<br>Its awesome. I killed two Ryobi's, clutches went on both of them, but this bad boy will go through anything. Its thirsty but it is 52cc, with performance to match. I love it and the price.

5 in 1 Garden Tool 52cc 2.2KW 3HP

by |

Purchased this and it seem very strong and well built - have not used all of it yet but so far so good. Gutted as this company sells this on Amazon and its £30 cheaper I feel like returning mine and ordering another one. but it is good - Instructions are the poorest ever you must have a bit of building tools experience.

Used twice only - problem after problem

by |

I had a lot of hope for the machine after doing so much research. In principle sounded great. It's heavy, very difficult to start for the two times I have used it, other gardeners have tried to start it. The cord pull's about 5cm and stops from coming out any further, this continues to happen.
<br>The machine gets very heavy and will give you arm problems afterwards.
<br>I wish I had gone to a local store as it would be easier to get it replaced. Now after making a bad mistake will buy one this year from the local store.

Great Value

by |

Bought one of these recently. Have used the saw and hedge trimmer so far, - excellent. Easy to start from cold - two pulls on full choke, close choke and starts on third pull. Starts first pull every time when warm. Only complaint is the instruction manual - total rubbish I'm afraid. Other consideration is the low cost of replacement parts. Total winner.

Fantastic value, The Full Monty. All in one as advertised.

by |

This kit is so versatile, you get it all for the price of less than one unit compared to other major brands. I can't fault it for the money.


by |

Bought this in November used strimmer an hedgecutter the most and hedgecutter is brilliant this tool is quite heavy but not to by much compared to stil, the bump feature on strimmer doesn't work does anyone no if I can get the strimmer head that you just feed it yourself as its very fidly an annoying to keep removing to feed more cord??? I bought this not expecting much but it would still be good value if it was dearer

Not bad for the price

by |

Haven't used the machine yet but will review further after a couple of weeks, BUT, I have to say at the start, the machine is very heavy and will take a few days of aching muscles to get used to using it, especially on the hedge trimming side of the machine. Throw the instruction booklet away when trying to assemble it and make it up as you go along, it is useless. All this aside as I say it's good value for money but you can see why the likes of Honda, John Deere and Stihl charge what they do, as there machines are light alloy etc and are half the weight. Most of the machine is assembled but it's not difficult to fit the rest together. I greased all the p[arts required just in case they hadn't done it and sprayed wd40 on all other moving parts before starting, best to be safe and all are work fine. If you struggle to separate the shafts from the machine it's because you have to lift the little metal cover plate and press down the spring to release the shaft as you pull it apart, doesn't tell you that in the booklet. All in all this lot cost less that one single attachment for a Stihl. Good luck.

A well engineered piece of kit

by |

Does what is says on the box - is very versatile and useful around the garden. Able to reach parts of the shrubbery in safety which was previously inaccessible. Ideal for the trimming and lopping necessary at this time of year in the garden. Solid piece of equipment with some weight - which is manageable with the harness supplied and well worth the money.

Sthil of the Century

by |

Pound for pound probably the best tool you can buy for keeping a medium to large garden under control. Once you get past the instructions and are familiar with the kit it's even fun to have. One review i read to have the choke half way when starting helped it fire third pull of the cord. This was not clear from the manual. Was getting a little frustrated before that, but now happily slaying the green beast.

Takes more time to set up than use

by |

The pruners chain constantly comes off and the connections to the main shaft does not release easily. The overall weight of the 52 CC model means that you can only use it for short periods when cutting above waist height. The motor is quite noisy and does not start first time.

Good value for money and suitable for a fairly large garden

by |

The ordering and delivery process was very easy.
<br>Assembling the various components was less straightforward since the manual is poorly written/translated and therefore confusing It doesn't help that the manual also covers a fairly extensive number of models. Many of the illustrations are less than illustrative and these could be significantly improved.
<br>The kit works well although the hedge trimmer is rather heavy and cumbersome, especially when working above the waist