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  • 43cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool 1.7KW 2.2HP

43cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool 1.7KW 2.2HP

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  • 43cc Petrol Engine
  • 1.7KW & 2.2HP
  • Tackle All Jobs with One Tool
  • 100cm Extension Pole for Over 3m Reach
  • 9000 rpm Engine Speeds


Landscaping Multi-Tool

This 43cc 2-Stroke Garden Multi-Tool from Trueshopping is a real feat of engineering with garden trimmer, hedge trimmer and chainsaw all combined in one convenient multi-purpose tool. Simply click each attachment on and off with ease, to give your garden the full treatment, from weed clearing and lawn edging, to pruning trees and trimming hedgerows.

The 2.2 horsepower and 9000 rpm petrol engine makes light of the toughest tasks. A comfortable shoulder harness reduces back strain. And a 1-metre extension pole provides maximum reach for even the most awkward of tasks.

Choose from a spool head cutter or a three-tooth blade with the garden trimmer attachment for edging your lawn or clearing overgrown weeds.

A 43.5cm long-reach hedge trimmer boasts a razor sharp hardened steel blade, adjustable to 10 different cutting angles. Whilst the pruning saw, will slice through branches and trim your over-grown trees into shape. Both the hedge-trimmer and chainsaw can be further extended with the 100cm extension pole, giving a total reach of over three metres.

Included in this package is the 43cc petrol base unit and shaft, long-reach hedge trimmer, pruning saw (chainsaw), nylon spool head, 3-prong metal cutting blade, 100cm extension pole, protective trimmer guard and blade guards, shoulder harness, mixing bottle, toolkit complete with everything you need for assembly and adjustments, and easy-to-follow instruction manual.

Ensure you follow the instructions carefully when mixing the fuel to keep your landscaping multi-tool operating smoothly and efficiently for years to come. For this model, a 25:1 ratio of fuel to oil is recommended.

For easy-handling, maximum convenience and great value for money, this 43cc Garden Multi-Tool is engineering at its innovative best.

Comes with a 12 month warranty.


Technical Specification:
  • Engine Type: 2-cycle, air-cooled vertical cylinder
  • Displacement: 43cc
  • Engine Speed Idle: 3000rpm
  • Maximum Engine Speed: 9000rpm
  • Maximum Output: 1.7KW / 2.2HP
  • Fuel/Oil Ratio: 25/1 with 2-cycle engine oil
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1025ml
  • Carburetor Type: Diaphragm Type
  • Ignition: Flywheel Magneto CDI system
  • Spark Plug: TORCH BM6A
  • Air Filter: Semi-Wet, quick remove/install
  • Starting Method: Recoil
  • Cooling System: Forced Air
  • Stopping Method: Slide Switch
  • Transmission Type: Automatic, centrifugal clutch with bevel gear
  • Dry Weight: 6.19kgs
  • Tip of Hedge trimmer to engine: 10' 4" (315cm with extra pole)
  • Tip of Chainsaw bar/blade to engine: 9' 9" (300cm with extra pole)
Long Reach Hedge Trimmer:
  • Hardened Steel Double Edged Blade
  • Weight 1.8kg
  • Blade Length: 450mm
  • Adjust to 10 Different Cutting Angles
  • Comes With Blade Covers
  • Cutter Drive: Spur Gear
  • Gear Lubricant: Lithium Based Grease
  • Assembly Length With Cutter: 1700mm
Long Reach Pruning Saw (Small Chainsaw):
  • Useful For Pruning Trees
  • Chain Guide Bar: 10", 3/8" pitch. 043"gauge
  • Sprockets: 3/8" inch, Fixed Spur
  • Gearcase Ratio: 1.06:1
  • Chain Speed: 23.5m/Sec @ 10,000 min-1
  • Chain Lubrication Automatic Adjustable Oiler
  • is Simple to Adjust with the adjusting screw and lock nut
  • Comes with Cover
  • Cutting Diameter Approx: 40cm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Handle Type Used: Loop or 'D' handle
  • Blade Rotation: Counter Clockwise
Brush Cutter:
  • Metal T3 Pronged Blade
  • Cutting Diameter: 30cm
Extension Pole:
  • 1000mm in Length



Ratings & Reviews

13 Reviews


Great value for money item

by |

The multi tool was of more substantial quality than I had expected. On examining all of the parts, the only criticism I could make was that the pieces of tubing and and their locating holes had not been deburred so had ragged edges with swarf still attached. The main function I bought the unit for was the hedge trimmer so that was first to be assembled. On reading the User Manual I found it to be unintelligible so had to put it to one side and use my initiative. It was very straightforward to put together so very soon I was fuelling up and ready to go. Back to the User Manual to check the starting procedure and became very confused. A bit of trial and error and I soon had the motor running and found the machine to be very efficient and accurate in trimming my 8' tall hedge. I then fitted the extension tube and while the operation remained smooth the machine became a little unwieldy at full length and will take a bit of getting used to. I had to dismantle the air filter to determine the choke position as the manual is absolutely hopeless. I have still to test the other attachments but am really impressed with the quality so far and consider it to be a substantial piece of equipment and great value for money. If the User manual was re written properly there could be no complaint whatsoever.

Good value product but poor manual and customer support

by |

This product has already been to the repair centre to have a decent spark plug fitted and the wiring rechecked and adjusted. A reasonable product for the money but the customer service is non existent. You should know your way around machinery if you purchase this kit. The hand book is useless and I have yet to hear back from "customer service" when the support strap broke after half an hour. A pity as the product is quite good but in the hands of an amateur could be a very frustrating experience getting any support. The brash cutter is not well balanced and shudders badly as the drive is not man enough for the blade provided. The hedge trimmer works well as does the lopping saw. Be prepared to buy as seen and accept that you may have to spend time and or money making up the short fall-sadly this deflects from what could be a great value product.

On first principles its well worth the money.

by |

Very impressed with the order delivery scheme in place - less so by the packaging of the order. Had to assume that what was delivered was what should have turned up. Found the shoulder harness missing. The manual was second hand with hand written numbers on one page - (the page that should have shown the box contents but didn't) The manual leaves a lot to be desired where translation from Chinese to English went astray somewhere but anyone with a "fix it" mind can get by here. Outwardly the package looks well made and I've had the enging turning over - So it works. I would say on first principles it looks well worth the money - its sturdy, well made and hopefully will do the job. My greatest commendation is for the sales - delivery set up in place - brilliant

Dennis Jones Mr

by |

arrived, package damaged and repacked . Machine looks good ,but not yet put into operation. fingers crossed that no damage has occurred in transit .

Does what it says on the tin!!

by |

Ideal tool for the larger garden.


by |

I was impressed with the whole process.
<br>Also, how I was kept informed of my products journey. If I need anything now I will always look at TRUESHOPPING first.

Every man should one of these

by |

Very happy with my purchase - did have concerns when I read other reviews especially in regards to the Manual. It is far from perfect but it is not rockets science and you will very soon work it out. I got recommended the 43cc by Pre-Sales Staff which is perfect for domestic use without being too heavy. Every man should have one of these.

Very Impressed

by |

I was a bit dubious at first, but having read through the reviews here and on other sites I decided I'd chance it. I really shouldn't have worried, although the manual was a bit confusing at times it didn't take much to work out how it all went together. It is fairly heavy, especially with the extension pole and the chainsaw head fitted, but that is to be expected considering you're holding a lot of metal, an engine and a tank full of fuel! It was more than usable though and only got tiring after a couple of hours. The chainsaw head is the one I used most, it works well and made light work of cutting through 4-5" thick tree trunks from some 8 feet away. The chain needs a decent lubricant in the tank, I got mine from Screwfix for about a fiver and only went through half a reservoir doing the couple of hours use. The chain needed to be re-tightened every now and then, but that is explained in the manual and will need less tightening the more settled in it gets.
<br>The only minor issue I had was the mixture screw on the engine was not set optimally as-supplied. The engine would blow out lots of white smoke on full throttle and would not rev up high enough to engage the automatic clutch to start the chainsaw head moving. A quick twiddle of the mixture screw on full throttle soon sorted that out, the smoke all but stopped and the engine revved smoothly and much faster than before, which made the world of difference, engaging the clutch fully and got the head moving.
<br>All in all I think it was an excellent investment, great value for money and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Unless you're a professional gardener don't bother with the higher cc engines, 43cc is plenty of power and all you will be doing is adding weight.

Good product

by |

I had no trouble in the assembly - (some of which was already done!) - and found all the stated parts to be there.
<br>Because it was a new machine it took some time for the initial start of the engine; the petrol oil 2 stroke mixture having to negotiate the carburettor and find it's way into the cylinder - but once started it now starts easily every time.
<br>I have used only the hedge cutter for the moment but that is powerful enough for the laurel hedge in my garden!
<br>Although it is necessarily a weighty implement - I found it quite handleable.


by |

Been looking to get a multi tool for a while and decided on this one after reading the reviews.
<br> Turned out to be the right choice.
<br>Didn't take long to put together with the tools provided in the box, instruction manual not too bad.
<br>When starting first time the manual says to pump the fuel through with the small see through bowl on the underside near the carb and air filter, did this and it started on the fourth pull.
<br>The blade strimmer made light work of tough weeds and brambles and the nylon one for the lighter weeds/grass etc.
<br>Yet to try the hedge cutter and chain saw.
<br>All in all a good product which I would recommend.

Good value for the price. Does me nicely.

by |

Getting the motor going was difficult - solved by my friend who understands the thing. He has set it all up for me and I can usually get it going third or fourth pull.
<br>Has it worked as expected? Yes. I like the overall balance set by positions of the strap, handle, and trigger - I could never get that comfortable on my friend's kit. Strimmer (both cord and metal brush} is easy to use, hedge trimmer takes some getting used to but does the job efficiently, and chainsaw has been lightly tested on a 2" branch quite happily but haven't tried the extender pole.
<br>Overall, a well made piece of kit that will help with the heavier work in my garden and looks strong enough for most tasks if treated kindly. Inevitably not up to the standard of professional gear costing around four times as much but it will do me nicely

Good set of tools

by |

A good selection of tools which were no problem to assemble.
<br>I had a problem starting the motor and keeping it going, but I phoned Trueshopping and they suggested I adjust the brass screw to increase the speed. Problem solved.

total gardenerx5 petrol multi function 5 in 1 strimmer

by |

this strimmer is all you want does all well worth buying if anyone wants one, go to these people as I garden for a living no need to pay the earth for one just come to these people.