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  • 43cc Petrol Grass Trimmer Brushcutter 1.25KW 1.7HP

43cc Petrol Grass Trimmer Brushcutter 1.25KW 1.7HP

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  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 43cc 2-Stroke Air-Cooled Petrol Engine
  • Heavy-Duty Twin-Line, Three-Tooth Cutting Blade
  • 1.27KW and 1.7 Horsepower Torque
  • Rated Best UK Petrol Grass Trimmer of 2016/17


Best UK Grass Trimmer

This 43cc Petrol Grass Trimmer from Trueshopping offers great value for money. The two-stroke, air-cooled petrol engine is quick and easy to start (in all weathers!), and helps to deliver 1.7 horsepower of torque. Whether you are adding the finishing touches to your freshly mown lawn, or clearing overgrown areas, this lightweight and powerful grass trimmer is a great choice for delivering high performance at an affordable price.

The twin line, three-toothed cutting blade of this versatile brush cutter is more than capable of tackling heavy-duty jobs for professional clear outs and landscaping.

Rated Best UK Petrol Grass Trimmer of 2016/17, by the Nigel Dunnett Gardening Team, this high quality brush cutter is a real favourite for both professionals and gardening enthusiasts alike.

Out of the box, you get the 43cc Petrol Brush Cutter Base Unit, trimmer shaft, nylon cutter head, a heavy-duty three pronged metal cutting blade, protective guard, mixing bottle, five-piece toolkit, combination spanner and instruction manual.

Ensure you follow the instructions carefully when mixing the fuel to keep your grass trimmer operating smoothly and efficiently for years to come. For this model, a 25:1 ratio of fuel to oil is recommended.

Total weight of the unit is 7.4kgs, when fully assembled with a full fuel tank, and the harness and handlebars ensure maximum comfort and minimum stress to the body even when using for prolonged periods of time.

So if you are looking for a high performance grass trimmer that can make light work of even the toughest jobs, then look no further.


Technical Specification:
  • Model No: BC4302D
  • Engine Type: 43cc Air-Cooled, Two-Stroke, Petrol Engine
  • Dry Weight: 6.19kgs
  • Operational Weight: 7.4kgs approx.
  • Volume of Fuel Tank: 1025ml
  • Cutting Line Length: 5m
  • Max. Engine Speed (min-1): 9000
  • Engine Displacement: 43cc
  • Max. Power: 1.25KW
  • Idle Speed (min-1): 3000
  • Fuel Mixture Petrol-oil-mix: 25:1
  • Sound Power Level: 112db


Please download manual Here

Ratings & Reviews

brush cutter 43cc

by |

excellent buy thank you

very good value and all round machine

by |

lots of power all in all a good machine the only down side is the quality of the plastic buckle for the support strap which broke on first use

Looks good so far

by |

The machine looks good and should do the job I require.
<br>The buckle on my strap also broke (as another reviewer) on the second use of the strap.
<br>There was no expanded parts diagram with my instructions, which made the assembly instructions some what useless. I managed because I am reasonably mechanically minded.

A bit curate's egg

by |

A bit fiddly to put together, some diagrams would help. It's all very well saying fix the upper falangi (No 46) to the lower decking (No 22) but if you don't know what the upper falangi is supposed to look like the numbers aren't much use. I got there eventually with a mix of common sense and a process of elimination although I didn't fix the cord trimming blade until today because I'd no idea what it was.
<br>The machine starts easily enough and strims well, haven't tried the brush cutting blade, basically because I don't have any brush to cut.
<br>The main problem is, and this is my fault, it's too big for what is just an average size garden. I got carried away with the low prices and utilised some strange thinking to justify buying such a large strimmer. It's well over 6'3" long and is rather unwieldy. Given my time over again I would opt for a smaller model.
<br>The shaft splitting device is very handy and makes for much easier storing and transporting by car.
<br>The only 'fault' I can find is that the carrying strap slips it's adjustment till it eventually comes apart. Luckily I have a better strap somewhere in my garage.
<br>Overall a good machine and very good value for money.

Good strimmer at a very good price

by |

It was comparatively easy to assemble, although a slightly better tool kit would help. A word of caution: when you get to the bit about unscrewing the nut at the bottom their instructions were a little misleading. It suggests that you turn the nut anti-clockwise. Er, it's a left hand thread (as are all straight-shaft strimmers) so you need to turn it clockwise.
<br>A previous correspondent complained that the strap buckle broke on day 1. Mine lasted until day 4. However a reef knot sorted it and, since no one else is going to use mine, it'll always be the right length. May get a man-sized buckle one day but who cares?
<br>The important thing is that it works as well as I could possibly have hoped and I'm delighted with it.
<br>Oh and... The Trueshopping specification says it's important to use the right petrol/oil mix - 25:1 The hand book says it's important to use 40:1 Answer, use 25:1 for 3 or 4 goes then 40:1 (if you want. 40:1 worked for me from the beginning)

As decribed very powerful smooth running and no hassle

by |

Very powerful and smooth when starting or using it nice qaulity , and ideal both as a strimmer or brush cutter gearbox is is good and the engine and shaft are quite robust and safe to use can't say i've had any trouble at all and an important piece of kit for any keen gardener or professional defiantly would recommend.

Excellent value

by |

Seems a really well thought out bit of kit. The engine is powerful and starts easy.
<br>It was simple to assemble and came with a tool kit, brush cutter and a bump strimming head.
<br>The strimming head could be larger capacity for this size strimmer and is not as simple to change line as some. Overall this is a minor criticism for such a reasonably priced easy to use piece of kit.

must have for every gardener

by |

First class product, excellent value, will certainly use Trueshopping again, I just love using this strimmer and it starts first pull every time.

Petrol Strimmer Brush Cutter

by |

The machine was easy to assemble, started first time, petrol 2 stroke container handy to mix fuel. Found it a bit heavy after using for 1/2 hour, shoulder strap was handy to distribute weight. only used twice to date, but so far happy with the purchase. Does what is says on the tin.


by |

Easy to assemble, easy to use I have only used it once done a great job and feels well built.
<br>Very happy with my purchase.

Very Poor

by |

I have had this strimmer almost a week now and still trying to get it assembled.The instructions
<br>are virtually useless.No assembly diagrams - nothing.I have to say it is the worst piece of kit I have ever bought.Can't say itf it works ok because just can't get the assembly done.
<br>On thsi basis I would neither but from you again or recomend anyone else to buy from you.
<br>I have already comp[lained three or four tims before but no one has any interest in solving my problems
<br>Very poor after selling service
<br>Alan Partridge

Petrol Strimmer Brush Cutter

by |

Easy to assemble, easy to use,excellent value. Defiantly would recommend.

Strimmer?brush cutter

by |

Rated average .Its Heavy. You need to be above average height for convenient use.
<br>The harness is rubbish and fell apart,literally, on only third use.Strimmer head not very easy to refill.and could be larger for this size of machine. Came with conflicting
<br>quantities for mix One half said 25/1 and the other 40/1 not a good start !! Runs OK
<br>but bump feed poor on my machine.


by |


strimmer failure

by |

went with the reviews and bought one
<br>it was ok to put together although some cheap plastic parts; the base shield and 'cutter' broke after approx 3 hours use
<br>refill difficult to install; instructions are very basic; the auto feed for the spool no longer works; not sure whats wrong ; next time i will buy a brand name (stihl) my stihl chainsaw has been working brilliant for last 5 years

Good product with crap instructions

by |

I don't claim to be a powertool or DIY expert, but I did find this a little tricky to set up, the instructions are appalling. Numbers in the pictures don't correspond to numbers on the list, instructions aren't clear, some bits which are supposedly pre assembled actually are not, and some bits (like how to attach the engine!!) are not included at all, tho that bit was straightforward. Tools it comes with are predictably crap.
<br>However, once I had got it all together, it did start reasonably easily. It does need a bit of strength and my wife struggles to start it.
<br>Very smoky to begin with but has lots of power and did a great job on our allotment. It's quite heavy, the strap isn't great so I'll look to replace that, I was tired after half an hour of using it. I would recommend it as a product if you're confident with self assembly and 2 stroke engines!
<br>Delivery was quick and efficient.

very pleased so far

by |

I have not used the strimmer on my garden yet, but I managed to build it and get it running in about half an hour. It seems solid and well built, and easy to use.

rodger's garden services

by |

I've be self employed for over 24 years in the landscaping business & I must admit this is the very best brushcutter I've ever owned


by |

Machine is fine. However the assembly/instruction manual is poor. Numbers on diagrams do not correspond with the list. The diagrams are of poor quality and difficult to follow when the numbers
<br>Do not match the item. I have used the machine twice since purchase and it was very effective.
<br>Unfortunately the left handle came off in use and the fixing nut and bolt are lost. Can I get a replacement ?
<br>The Strimmer/Brush Cutter was purchased through Amazon.

good so far

by |

Bought as Christmas present so too early to comment on performance and longevity.

Good product, instructions could be clearer

by |

Product is very good. However the assembly instuctions are not idiot proof. Take care to fit the nylon cord cutter properly on the gaurd.

Very good value

by |

Very powerful-I purchased to strim lawn edges and an outside verge on a fairly large garden-even though I went for one of the cheaper and lesser powered models I think it is more than capable of doing the job.
<br>Going from a cordless strimmer to this is a whole world of difference so bear that in mind as this is a lot larger and with the handlebar type set up its more like what you see the council workers use!!
<br>Compared to other brands this seems to be very good value.


by |

Great strimmer, very powerful and cuts through some very thick grass and weeds easily. good value for money

Practical and effective

by |

Good for a reasonable size of property, could also be used for occasional business use

Captain Brush

by |

I have looked at the pictures of this strimmer on the internet and it looks to be a fine, thoroughbread machine. I feel it would cut grass with ease, and even thicker stuff probably.