Bulkhead Lights

Discover our range of outdoor bulkhead lights and bright some light into your outside space, garden, patio or driveway. Bulkhead lights offer a durable and excellent value for money option for your outdoor lighting needs.

6 Products

Biard Oval Bulkhead Outdoor Eyelid Wall Light
£8.49 8.49
Biard Oval Bulkhead Outdoor Wall Light
£8.99 8.99
Biard Oval Bulkhead Outdoor Classic Wall Light
£7.49 7.49
Biard IP54 Oval Bulkhead Outdoor Wall Light
£6.99 6.99
Energizer Adjustable 180° PIR Motion Sensor
£9.95 9.95
Biard Electronic Time Delay Push Switch for LED Lights
£12.59 12.59