Indoor Lighting

Brighten up your indoors with our indoor lights and lamp collection. The collection features on trend rattan table lamps, bedside lamps, classic desk lamps and reading lights. We also have LED light therapy lamps to help manage some of the effects of SAD and LED light pads and boxes which are great for creative projects.

15 products

Black Curved LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Phone Charger
£38.99 38.99
Black Metal Desk Lamp
£10.99 10.99
Black Desk Lamp with Wooden Swing Arm
£24.99 24.99
Black LED Folding Desk Lamp
£17.99 17.99
Black Metal & Wood Desk Lamp
£24.99 24.99
Square Bedside Table Lamp with Grey Shade
£25.99 25.99
Rattan Table Lamp with Black Base
£29.99 29.99
Wicker Rattan Basket Pendant Light
£24.99 to £34.99
Round Woven Rattan Pendant Lamp
£34.99 to £54.99
Woven Rattan Table Floor Lamp
£39.99 to £64.99
White LED Desk Lamp
£18.99 18.99
White Desk Lamp with Wireless & USB Phone Charger
£36.99 36.99
LED Therapy SAD Light Daylight Lamp
£29.99 29.99
A4 LED Light Box Drawing Tracing Pad
£10.49   Was £12.9910.49
A3 LED Light Box Drawing Tracing Pad
£21.49   Was £25.9921.49