LED Therapy SAD Light Daylight Lamp

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Product Features
  • Effective light therapy to help beat the winter blues
  • Easy to use controls for quick light adjustment
  • 360 degree universal adjustment to find the right angle
  • One button timing and time free control options
  • Stepless dimming sharp touch adjustment

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects many people through the winter months, the shorter daylight hours and change in weather change in the atmosphere and people’s moods. However, by using our LED Therapy Light you can help to better manage some of the effects of SAD during this period, giving you better quality of life.

It works by filtering out damaging UV light to facilitate calming therapeutic lighting that can help with winter blues, fatigue and affected sleep patterns. The small, compact design means it can be used anywhere you need around the house, allowing you to benefit from the light anytime and anywhere you want to relax.

The SAD Lamp features easy-to-use controls so you can quickly find the timer setting to suit you. The stepless dimming sharp control adjustment feature also means you always remain in control of how much light is being emitted, so you can increase or decrease depending on what you need in that moment.

360 degree universal adjustment also makes it easy to find the perfect angle. With more light comes a change in mood that can quickly transform your day and using the Daylight Lamp is a simple and effective way to beat the winter blues. It helps stimulate the mind and body, keeping you more healthier and energetic to enjoy your day.

Item Specifics

MPN1 Year
TypeLight Therapy Lamp
Main PurposeMental Health; Mood Support
MaterialABS; Acrylic Resin
FeaturesLightweight; Dimmer
Country/Region of ManufactureChina
Bundle DescriptionNo
Custom BundleNo
Size24.9 x 17.8

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