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Trueshopping Large Electronic Safe 43 Litre Capacity

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Product Features
  • Receive both a master and user code
  • 43 litre capacity offers internal dimensions of 496 x 346 x 250mm
  • Can be secured safely to the wall using anchor holes
  • Choose between a 3-8 digit code
  • Solid steel construction ensures higher levels of protection


Investing in security is never a bad idea, especially if you have a number of valuable possessions that are vulnerable or need to be secured. Our Large Electronic Safe comes with a 43 litre capacity which provides ample room to store away anything you want to protect. It’s totally secure and easy to operate and works just as well at home as it does in the work place.

The 43 litre capacity translates into internal dimensions of 496 x 346 x 250mm, with a weight of 14kg. You have the choice of picking a code between 3-8 digits long which can be updated and changed as regularly as you need. The well-designed locking system offers a high level of security while also ensuring ease of access at all times.

This Large Electronic Safe is made from solid steel which will deter even the most confident of thieves. The one-way locking bolt features three bolts that fit tightly into place once closed, and as the owner of the safe you will have both a master code and user code so you remain in control no matter who else has been granted access.

Whether you want to use it at home for valuable personal possessions such as jewellery, or install it at work to hold petty cash and private documents, this Large Electronic Safe is the perfect solution. You can also install it onto the wall using the free mounting bolts that insert into the anchor holes at the rear and underside of the safe.


Additional Information
  • Capacity: 43L
  • External size: 500 x 350 x 310mm
  • Internal size: 496 x 346 x 250mm
  • Weight: 14KG

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