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Bowland Adirondack Wooden Rocking Chair for Garden or Patio

£114.99 114.99


  • Beautiful scalloped edging to the seat
  • Wonderfully comfortable, curved back
  • Wide flat arm rests give lots of room to relax
  • Suitable for use both indoors and out
  • Easy to assemble (includes full instructions)


Bowland Adirondack Wooden Rocking Chair for Garden or Patio

Take up outdoor living in style and comfort with this Wooden Rocking Chair, perfect for lazy afternoons in the garden, or on the patio. Carefully constructed from highly durable Chinese Fir, the Bowland Rocking Chair has an attractive slatted design in the Adirondack/Westport style and is both robust and very practical.

The Bowland wooden rocker is supplied with a coat of preservative which gives it a 'natural' finish. However, if desired, the rocker may be painted to match your own colour schemes, as its finish takes normal paint very well. Looks great in bright colours!

Although this Bowland Rocker has been treated with preservative at the factory, we recommend that the item is treated with preservative or Teak Oil in the Autumn and again in the Spring each year, especially if the item is kept permanently out of doors. Teak Oil tends to be the preferred choice, due to ease of application and rapid drying.

Following this simple routine will ensure your Bowland Rocker lasts for years and years regardless of how inclement or good the weather. Remember Sunshine can be just as damaging.


Technical Specification:
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 790mm x 920mm x 990mm
  • Seat base width: 510mm
  • Width between arms: Narrowest point: 460mm
  • Width between arms: Widest point: 560mm
  • Seat (Front end) height from ground: 350mm
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