Cordless Hedge Trimmer with 84V 2.5Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery & Fast Charger

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  • Quick 90 mins charge time allows for up to 60 mins of use
  • Powerful 84V motor ensures efficiency and accuracy
  • Cordless control keeps you in charge with no cables or wires
  • Compact design makes it easy for storage
  • Use the Samsung Lithium-Ion battery for other tools in the range

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Cordless Hedge Trimmer with 84V 2.5Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery & Fast Charger

The advances made with battery technology over the past decade has seen cordless garden tools become more popular than ever. The Cordless Hedge Trimmer with 84V Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery offers the perfect way of keeping on top of your hedges and bushes to ensure they remain looking trim and in fantastic condition, without having to work too hard.

The Samsung Lithium-Ion battery is at the higher end of the market and from just a single charge of only 90 minutes you get up to 60 minutes of runtime. That should be more than enough for most gardens of any size, helping you to get the job done in one go. Then you can sit back and enjoy the view in the garden after all your hard work is complete.

It features a blade length of 24 inches and a cutting capacity of 19mm, making easy work of anything you need to trim down. The Cordless Hedge Trimmer is also light to carry, so you won’t feel the strain as you move it around during your work. There are no cables or cords to worry about, which also means no petrol or messy engines to contend with either.

Unlike petrol-powered alternatives, the Cordless Hedge Trimmer doesn’t require much maintenance to keep it in good condition. A quick clean and lubrication with WD40 will allow you to keep using the trimmer for many more seasons to come.


  • Voltage: DC 84V
  • Capacity: 2.5Ah
  • Cell: Samsung
  • Blade length: 24"
  • Cutting capacity: 19mm
  • Max working time: 60 mins
  • Speed: 3100-3500spm
  • Electric brake
  • Motor: brushless
Box Contents:
  • Pro hedge trimmer unit
  • 24” blade
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Instruction manual

Item Specifics

Blade Length60 cm
ColourBlue; Black; Orange
Cutting Length19 mm
FeaturesErgonomic; For Large Hedges; For Medium Hedges; Lightweight; Quiet; Soft Grip
Power SourceBattery/Cordless
StyleHedge Trimmer; 84V Battery & Charger

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