10 Tips For Choosing A Colour Scheme

The most exciting part about moving into a new home is the renovation, making it your own! Or maybe you’re redecorating your house with some great home extras and you need something new and fresh. Here are 10 great tips for choosing a colour scheme.

Create a mood with colour - It’s important to think about the mood you want to set. Do you want it to be warm and cosy? Do you want your home to be traditional?

Mixing colours - Don’t be afraid to mix colours, some of the best looking rooms and homes have various colours in them! 

Linking rooms with colour - For some themes, consistency is key. If you want a room to feel bigger in size, keep the colour on the walls all the same.

Plan first - Plan your whole home's colour scheme first, this will make the process easier when you come to paint it.

Consider How Light Affects Colours - If you have a home with plenty of light flooding in, it might be a good idea to consider painting your home with light colours to enhance this.

Proportion - Bigger patterns on wallpaper can sometimes have a bad impact on the way your home feels. Consider the proportions you want when you’re choosing your home's decoration. 

Other ways to add colour - If you don't want colour on your walls, try adding it another way, furniture and ornaments are a great way to achieve this.

Separate - Don’t be afraid to switch colours in each room, especially if they’re not connected through an archway of some sort.

Scheme - Although you can change up the colours, keep the decor scheme the same throughout the house. If you want a modern home, keep the theme modern and so forth. 

Tones - Know how tones work, warm colours feel homely whilst darker colours can make the house feel colder.

Now it’s time to decorate your home! We have some great DIY tools available to help you on your way so don’t forget to take a look.