15 Herbs To Help You Heal

Health and Well-being are key and very popular at this current time, there are some great plants to help you aid for overall health like your digestive system. Below, you’ll find 15 great plants - most of which you can eat - to help you on your way to a better immune system.


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Calendula - This plant is bright yellow and orange in colour, they’re great for helping build your immune system.

Chamomile - Helping to improve your sleep and your digestive system, this plant is ideal for growing.

Peppermint - This plant is great for muscle aches, joint pain and so much more!

Holy Basil - If you’re suffering from swelling, this plant is great for helping solve that!

Plantain - If you’re looking for some form of fruit, this would be the best plant. This plant comes from the banana variety.

Hyssop - This plant is commonly used to give a taste to different types of beverages.

English Lavender - This plant is commonly used to help treat exhaustion as well as so much more.

Hops - Used mostly to aid anxiety and ADHD, this plant is popular amongst gardeners.

Hawthorn - This plant helps to prevent heart disease as well as high blood pressure.

Elecampane - If you’re looking for a medicinal plant to help with Asthma, bronchitis and more, then this is perfect.

Motherwort - If you have an irregular heartbeat or heart symptoms due to anxiety then this is ideal.

Passionflower - If you have anxiety or sleep problems, this plant would be a great way to help that.

Purple coneflower - This plant is great if you’re suffering from symptoms of a common cold or any form of respiratory infection.

Echinacea - This plant is another used for respiratory infections.

Meadowsweet - Used commonly for upset stomachs and heartburn, this plant is a great option. 

That’s it! Those are the fifteen great plants we’ve got to offer. You’ll be able to grow these yourself and help yourself get back into good health.


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