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Solid Teak Hardwood Sherford Round Table

SKU NTF002/60R
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  • Beautiful table made from solid teak hardwood
  • Offers longstanding natural weather protection
  • Maintenance free with no extra work required
  • Glorious golden wood that fits into natural environment
  • Perfect for use on patios and outdoor decking


Solid Teak Hardwood Sherford Round Table

If you want to add a touch of elegance and style to your outdoor space this spring and summer, this Solid Teak Sherford Round Table is just what you’ll need. Made from durable solid teak hardwood, this table acts as the perfect place to place down drinks and snacks, while you sit back and relax in the peaceful surroundings of your garden.

The golden natural wood tones have been sanded to perfection to ensure a smooth-to-the-touch finish. It will blend in seamlessly with the outdoors and any existing garden furniture you may already have in place. Best of all, the natural properties found within teak mean it has natural resistance against the elements, meaning the material maintains its fantastic appearance for years.

Due to the weather proof nature of the wood, it can be also left outside all year round, without the material losing any of its integrity. Teak also contains natural insect repellent properties to keep away termites and anything similar that has designs on making a home inside the wood. Combined with strong build of the Solid Teak Sherford Round Table, this makes for a long lasting feature for the garden.

Over time the golden tones of the teak timber will fade into a glorious silver colour, creating its own unique patina full of character and personality. Although, if you invest in teak coil and apply it once a year, this will help retain the original colour. Place the Solid Teak Sherford Round Table on a decking area or patio and look forward to a spring and summer filled with outdoor memories.


  • Size of table: 60 x 60 x 75cm
  • Weight of table: 8kg

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