Cordless Hedge Trimmer for Use with 84V 2.5Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery

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  • Fully charges in only 90 minutes to provide 60 minutes runtime
  • Cordless convenience removes cables and cords that get in the way
  • No petrol or exhaust fumes, bringing carbon emissions down to zero
  • A powerful and accurate hedge trimmer that can be used by anyone
  • Easy-to-use and light to carry around until you have finished your work

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Cordless Hedge Trimmer for Use with 84V 2.5Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery

The Cordless Hedge Trimmer comes with an impressive range of features, giving you fantastic value for money. This powerful battery-powered trimmer gives you more freedom than ever before out in the garden. Forget about extension cords and cables getting in your way and make the most of being able to move around without restriction.

The 24 inch blade does all the hard work for you, making easy work of what can be a boring task to complete. You are guaranteed speed and accuracy, so you get a clean and precise cut which will benefit the health of your hedges and bushes in the long run. The cutting capacity allows the tool to easily slice through branches that are up to 19mm in diameter.

While the Cordless Hedge Trimmer doesn’t come with the Samsung Lithium-Ion battery, if you already own the lawnmower, chainsaw, leaf blower or grass trimmer in the same range, it will also work with this. When it’s low on charge it only takes 90 minutes to get it back up to speed and you will have as much as 60 minutes of runtime to work with.

If you are fed up with the extra work and hassle that comes with using petrol powered alternatives then the Cordless Hedge Trimmer is for you. Not only is it easier to use, but you cut out fumes and emissions completely. It’s the best way to cut down on your workload without losing any of the cutting accuracy your garden needs.


  • Voltage: DC 84V
  • Capacity: 2.5Ah
  • Cell: Samsung
  • Blade length: 24"
  • Cutting capacity: 19mm
  • Max working time: 60 mins
  • Speed: 3100-3500spm
  • Electric brake
  • Motor: brushless
Box Contents:
  • Pro hedge trimmer unit
  • 24” blade


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