6V/12V 3.5 Amp Portable Automatic Battery Charger & Maintainer

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  • Use it to charge both lead acid and lithium-ion batteries, keep your battery fully charged without having to worry about overcharging
  • Safely charges cars, motorcycles and all types of motor-based vehicles; its compact design is ideal for packing away in the boot
  • Simply plug it in and let the advanced technology maintain your battery, protect against short-circuits, overheating and reverse polarity
  • Charges and maintains 6V and 12V batteries, designed for use on 220-240 Volt 50-60 Hz electrical systems
  • Optimised performance levels to ensure great value for money, this is one of the most convenient ways to extend battery life

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6V/12V 3.5 Amp Portable Automatic Battery Charger & Maintainer

It can be easy to take battery life for granted, but with some careful maintenance you can ensure you always get the very best possible performance. Our 6V/12V (3.5 Amp) battery charger and maintainer can be used on a wide range of motor-based items, from cars and motorbikes, to lawnmowers and anything else that needs to be charged.

You have the option to use the 6V or 12V charger and maintainer, depending on the type of battery that needs recharging. Thanks to the compact design this is one of the most convenient ways to extend battery life all year-round. When not in use, you can just pack it away in the boot of the car, or in the garage, without taking up much room at all.

All you have to do to get the most out of the portable automatic battery charger/maintainer is plug it in and it will safely do the rest. The battery won’t be overcharged thanks to the advanced technology that monitors it in detail, so you can get on with other tasks without having to check every few minutes.

It also gives you the flexibility you need as it can be used to charge either lead acid or lithium-ion batteries. If you want to ensure your battery avoids short-circuits, overheating and reverse polarity, investing in this charger will make sure you maximise its lifespan.


Technical Specification:
  • Input Voltage: 220-240 Volt 50-60 Hz
  • Charging Current: 3.5 Amp
  • Battery Voltage: 6V & 12V
  • Overcharge Protection: Yes
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
  • Short Circuit Protection: Yes


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Item Specifics

Country/Region of ManufactureChina
FeaturesAutomatic;Portable; Trickle
Set IncludesSingle Item
Suitable ForCars; Motorcycles

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