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  • 68cc Powerful Petrol Grass Trimmer Brushcutter 3KW 4HP

68cc Powerful Petrol Grass Trimmer Brushcutter 3KW 4HP

6 Reviews

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  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 68cc Petrol Engine
  • Comes with two different cutter attachments
  • 5 Star Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for domestic or professional use


Powerful Petrol Grass Trimmer

With an impressive 68cc Two-Stroke Petrol Engine, 4.0 horsepower and engine speeds of 8500rpm, this Trueshopping Petrol Brushcutter packs a real punch. As one of our customer’s put it,

“When I start her up, even the grass trembles!”

The handlebar and neck harness are specifically designed to protect against back strain and ensure maximum comfort, as you do battle with the weeds! The air-cooled engine ensures longevity and starts easily first time.

The 68cc Brushcutter offers multi-functionality as well as power, with a choice of attachments to ensure you have the best tools for the job. A nylon spool head cutter is perfect for neatening up lawn edges, whilst the three-pronged twin-line metal blade cutter will slice through stubborn roots with ease. Additional attachment upgrades are also available from circular blades and 40 tooth cutters to 25 metre length nylon spools.

Along with the two cutting attachments, you’ll also receive a protective guard, fuel mixing bottle, 5-piece toolkit and combination spanner, along with a full-proof instruction manual.

Ensure you follow the instructions carefully when mixing the fuel to keep your grass trimmer operating smoothly and efficiently for years to come. For this model, a 25:1 ration of fuel to oil is recommended.

For large projects or small, everyday garden maintenance to professional landscaping, the 68cc Grass Trimmer is a top choice.


Technical Specification:
  • Model No: BC6802D
  • Engine Type: 68cc Air-Cooled, Two-Stroke, Petrol Engine
  • Dry Weight: 7.3kgs
  • Volume of Fuel Tank: 800ml
  • Cutting Line Length: 5m
  • Max. Engine Speed (min-1): 8,500
  • Engine Displacement: 68cc
  • Max. Power: 3.0KW
  • Idle Speed (min-1): 3400
  • Fuel Mixture Petrol-oil-mix: 25:1
  • Sound Power Level: 112db


Please download manual Here

Ratings & Reviews

6 Reviews


Great Tool

by |

I have used all sorts of clearing saws in my time and this is the best. Everything from a Tanaka 32, through a Kawasaki pro brushutter to a 57cc Stihl. Whilst the Stihl is undeniably better quality, this 68cc saw is the winner. It has MASSIVE power. I have just been clearing chest deep grass and ferns and at full throttle with the blade, the revs barely dipped.
<br>This is an utterly amazing tool and worth the money. It is very noisy and the village are not happy about it. Some chap said it sounded like a trials bike. This is not refined or tip top german engineering. It's a blade driven by a massive engine and that's the crux of the whole thing. I do have a quality harness for it though. The loop is not really the deal

mr dennis bridges

by |

brilliant machine,excellent value.
<br>when I start up even the grass trembles


by |

Arrived broken but continued to assemble. Worked okay for a week then died thereafter. Have tried to get t to work again, via new spark plugs and taking it to garden tools mechanic, who said that the engine was fine but the fuel line and carb are gubbed. The engine is noisy as is the exhaust.


by |

I have used the machine several times and it works perfectly, albeit the harness makes the machine a bit heavy around the neck to operate, so I have bought a shoulder harness which I haven't tried yet? The operating and assembly manual leaves a lot to be desired but it is quite straight forward using common sense.
<br>The starting recoil has quite a kick so you have to be positive and strong to start the machine, although it does start easily.
<br>For the price paid I am very satisfied.


by |

Really pleased with the product

mr newsome

by |

just purchased this machine and i`m well impressed just flattend my overgrown garden with ease it ran for three hours only stopping to fill up with petrol didn't even get snagged on long grass and brambles the power of the machine just ripped through it. and the build quality is good to. will recommend the strimmer and trueshopping to my friends.