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4 Shelf Greenhouse with Easy-Fit Frame and Heavy Duty Cover

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  • Easy-fit frame ensures the greenhouse can be assembled in no time at all
  • 4 strong wire shelves with a maximum loading capacity of 10kg on each
  • Helps take care of young plants and seedlings all year round
  • Heavy duty roll-up cover that can be unzipped and tied up when needed
  • Size: H155 x L50 x D69cm, Weight: 7kg


4 Shelf Greenhouse with Easy-Fit Frame and Heavy Duty Cover

Our 4 Shelf Greenhouse with Easy-Fit Frame is ideal for gardens that are more compact, allowing gardeners to take care of their seedlings and young plants without compromising on space. It is extremely easy to assemble, while always remaining secure, and doesn’t take too much effort to move from one spot to another whenever needed.

The durable, painted steel frames each have a loading capacity of 10kg, which allows you to position a good selection of trays and pots onto each one. They are always protected by a strong PVC cover that wraps around the unit, ensuring the plants receive enough light, while also keeping them shielded from the harsher elements.

Simply unzip, roll-up and tie the cover whenever you want to gain better access to the plants. If you need to find more room for a particularly tall plant, you can remove any of the shelves so it has ample room to keep growing without restriction.

What you’ll also find with our 4 Shelf Greenhouse with Easy-Fit Frame is how stable it remains on solid, even surfaces. You won’t have to worry about it becoming unstable and it stands up well to strong winds and testing weather. If you are looking for a safe and comfortable space to house your plants as they grow, this is a must buy for the garden.


Technical Specification:
  • 4 Shelf Greenhouse
  • Roll up door with easy-to-use zip fasteners
  • Made in painted steel
  • See-through PVC cover
  • Size: H155 x L50 x D69cm
  • Unit weight: 7kg
  • Loading shelf capacity 10kg

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