How to Get Rid of Mould

How to Get Rid of Mould

Mould is malignant stuff. It looks horrible and it can be as nasty as it looks. It is an allergen that can deeply affect people who suffer from asthma and hay fever. If you find any of it in your home then you need to get rid of it good and quick.

If it has come to stay in your house then it means that its good friend damp is present as well. If you do not act as soon as you see it then your wooden window frames will rot as well as your doors. Your walls will be damaged and it can even get into your clothes.

If you act quickly and smartly then lasting damage should not occur and your home will be safe.

Investigate the mould

You need to find out why the mould has appeared. If you do not thoroughly investigate the reasons for its appearance then even if you remove it will just keep coming back. It would be nice if you could interrogate the mould but you will have to take a good look at your building to find out why it is there.

Are there any tiles missing? Is the gutter blocked and causing water to leak down the side of your house? Are any pipes cracked? Is your damp course not working properly to protect your home from damp? Or is it a simple matter of condensation?

Modern shower

Most mould is caused by condensation. So when you are enjoying those hot showers on those cold winter mornings condensation is forming on the cold walls and windows of your bathroom. This will make those surfaces damp.

You should always try and make sure that rooms where moisture forms are well ventilated. To stop condensation forming the windows should be opened and you need to keep the bathroom door shut so that the moisture does not spread to other parts of the house.

Get rid of that mould

If mould has formed on the grout between the tiles in your bathroom get an old toothbrush and dip it in bleach or undiluted vinegar. Leave to soak for about a quarter of an hour and then give it a good scrub.

There are various solutions you can buy from the shops to do the job but if you are looking for an eco solution you can make a paste by mixing water and baking soda and you can use that to eradicate the mould.

If the sealant around your bath or shower enclosure has been too infected then you may have to cut the sealant out and apply some new sealant.

Home grown solutions will probably not work when it comes tackling mould on your walls or ceilings. There are plenty of powerful products out there that will do the trick but it will mean you will have to do a bit of decorating once the fungicide has done its work.

Prevention is better than cure

Vertical column radiator

A well insulated home will help you in your fight against condensation. Also in winter you should keep your column radiators pumping away as much as possible. The warmer your home is the less likely you are to suffer from the old wet stuff forming on your walls.

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