Easy Decorating Tips

Easy Decorating Tips

Every few years you need to spruce up your little nest. Your rooms are looking a tad tired and it is time to bring them up to date. This is when the problems start. He wants red and she wants blue and she wants pattern and he wants plain.

After a bit of compromise, you are ready to re-invent that room and make it sparkle. In today’s blog, we bring you few easy decorating tips and scintillating ideas to give your home the va-va-voom it needs. We all need a boost from time to time and you can improve your humble house by applying these tips.

Clashing colours

Do you remember the days when you were head banging with the best of them? You weren’t going to settle down. You were going to remain a free spirit forever.

We all grow up and you now find yourself with a partner, a couple of kids and you are wearing that suit while working the old 9 to 5. Yet inside that conventional exterior a punk heart still beats and you are ready to rip up the rule book and let your rooms fight.

There is no reason why you can’t let your walls clash. Blue can take on green, purple can tackle yellow and if it wants another scrap it can take on orange at the same time. Yet it does not have to be a straight fight.

Vertical column radiatorThe key is to blend these competing colours in your walls, column radiators and furniture so that while they will compete the contest will not be too bloody. If you want to take the fight outside you can paint your garden furniture in these colours to see how brutal it will be inside.

Create a mood board

If you have just moved in to a home and finances won’t allow an immediate overhaul of all that ghastly chintz wallpaper the previous occupants preferred you can cover it up with a mood board.

It is essentially a way of making you feel better. In the same way that you start to relax once you turn the bath taps on knowing you will soon be able to calm down. A mood board will simply improve your mood.

All you need to do is take all those favourite pictures. You can choose the funny ones of you when you were young and had dyed your hair green and pictures of your lovely kids. All their cute little notes and pictures can be added along with little bits of writing you may want to add yourself.

You can then arrange this on the wall in a higgledy piggledy fashion or if you prefer you can put everything in straight lines and in sections. You will find your mood board will provoke comment from visitors and when you look it you will find that grimace will have turned into a smile.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

You can do all sorts of tricks with mirrors. A common trick is to use a mirror to make a small room look bigger. But you can also use it to reflect your glory. If there is a part of your room you want to accentuate place a mirror by it so that people can get twice the effect.

Bathroom mirrorYou have heard of the hall of mirrors at the fairground but you could fill your hall with mirrors. People may think you are a narcissist but the effect will be fantastic and they will bounce the light around to create a bright and breezy effect for anyone entering your home.

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