Energy Saving Devices

Save money around the home or office with the aid of these smart thinking energy devices. With our selection of energy monitors, auto power off boards and remote controlled sockets, you'll have a greater idea of where your cash is being spent and how to prevent power wastage.

With's choice of energy monitors, you'll be able to see which items in your home are consuming the most energy. The auto power off boards, will deal with any items which are notoriously left on, like the television. Finally, our remote controlled sockets, will allow you to switch off an item at the click of a button.

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Watts Clever Easy Off Remote Control Socket - Triple Pack


With the Watts Clever Easy Off Remote Control Socket, you can turn the power to your electrical appliances on and off at the touch of a button.These clever sockets recognise the code from a button/channel on the remote that you select and assign to them. This allows you to turn off any appliance which is plugged into that socket, in its entirety, by pressing the relevant button. Switching off the power supply ensures that the appliance is not left on standby, reducing energy consumption and bills for your household over the course of the year.This triple pack of sockets gives you the freedom to operate a number of electrical appliances via the remote, and a standard power strip can also be connected to each socket for even greater flexibility.

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Watts Clever Watts Clever Easy Off Remote Control Socket - Single pack

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The Easy Off Remote Control Socket by Watts Clever will ensure your appliances are turned off entirely- not just on standby- to help save you money and reduce your household energy consumption.Remote control operated, this socket learns the code from the button on the remote control transmitter that you assign to it. Simple to set-up and operate, any appliance plugged into the socket can be fully switched off, at the touch of a button. A standard power strip can also be connected to the socket, allowing you to operate more than one appliance from the remote.For your convenience, this remote works up to a distance of 20m.

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Watts Clever Easy-Off Remote Control - Spare Socket

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This Easy Off Remote Control Spare Socket by Watts Clever allows you to turn off the power supply to your electrical appliances, at the touch of a button via remote control.Any appliance plugged into this socket can be switched on and off completely- not just put on standby- by a designated button, programmed with a code to relate to that particular socket. When your electrical appliances are properly switched off, household energy consumption, wastage and bills are reduced.This socket can have a standard power strip connected to it, allowing you to operate multiple appliances from the same remote.

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Watts Clever Wireless Energy Monitor for Smart Meter

£38.99 inc VAT Was £59.99 Save £21.00 (35%)    

With the Watts Clever Wireless Energy Monitor for Smart Meter, you can easily monitor, control and reduce your energy usage at home.This useful monitor features an LCD Display Unit, Power Transmitter Unit and Sensor, which measures household electricity usage at the meter. The Display Unit receives the information from the Transmitter Unit/Sensor via radio frequency signal. Users can then observe and monitor electrical consumption, and see the changes as appliances are turned on and off. This useful and affordable monitor will make you more aware of the energy used by your household on a daily basis, as well as highlighting the impact of individual appliances on your usage.The monitor is battery operated, so it could not be easier to setup and use. Data is transmitted every 30 seconds for incredible accuracy, and the unit has an 80m transmission distance. It works with all voltages, and can show power/cost history for the last 24 hours, 50 days, 7 weeks or even 4 months.

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H2O Audio Waterproof Power Shower Radio

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This incredible shower radio is free to run after a quick set up, making it great for anyone to use. The H20 radio works by taking the water flow in your shower and using it to power an internal generator which is hooked up to a rechargeable battery. The radio is fully waterproof and comes with FM sequences, volume control, an on/off button and search facilities.

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Watts Clever Easy-Off Socket with Footswitch


The Easy-Off Socket with Footswitch by Watts Clever allows you to control the power supply to a socket via remote control, and is ideal for ensuring appliances are completely turned off- not just on standby. With a 3m footswitch cable, this useful socket is also great for allowing instant access to obscured sockets which are difficult to reach; without the need for awkward bending or stretching to reach sockets, there's really no excuse to leave your appliances on standby!The footswitch could not be easier to use; simply press down to turn off the power supply to the socket, and repeat to turn the power back on.By turning appliances off completely, this convenient socket and switch combo will reduce household energy wastage and save money on bills. A standard power strip can be plugged into the socket to allow more than one appliance to be operated by the footswitch.This product can also be used as a handy desk-switch for turning off smaller electrical items.

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