12V Solar Panels

Our comprehensive range of off grid solar PV products are ideal for fitting to caravans, motor homes, boats and even your shed roof or outhouse to provide 12v DC power for running appliances or charging 12v batteries . The compact design of these solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity effectively without compromising on roof space. You could also link up to an inverter to create 220v AC.

Here in the Solar PV category you will find a wide range of solar PV panels including the Trueshopping 2 x 80W 12v solar panels, which provide maximum power but in the smallest module size, this is also ideal for saving on both space and weight. These solar panels are ideal for battery charging in boats, motor homes and caravans.

If you have a small business the Axitec 10x 235W solar PV panels are ideal and provide a maximum output of 2.35Kw. These Axitec solar panels also come with a ten year product warranty as well as a 25 year performance guarantee, so you can be sure to make money on your investment well into the future.
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